Friends- The Puppet years

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I dicided their arent enough parodys on TV so i dicided to make a friends parody because its the show i see the most (Because its repeated to hell!)

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that was gewd
finally a gewd friends parody
ps i love friends

ROFL !!!

HAHAHAHA I laughed so hard. Some funny stuff. Better than the actual show.

Do u h8 friends or sommat

do u h8 friends its 1 of the best things on tv and it suked BAD

Insulting to me!

That was insulting to me because i got the entire collection of friends and that was so insultingly crap, well i wanna say the maker of this shitty spoof better make a good animation. I can try and make one if i get flash soon. and even if it was in stick it would be better!

i hated this

i don't give many bad reviews.... well... too many bad reviews
but this sucked, plz don't make any more of this shit, i thought about ending my life with a blunt pencil after watching this garbage, the laughs everytime chanellor basically spoke were pathetic, and the end??? i mean wtf???
seriously, i am a fan of friends, i think its really funny, but this, this.... piece of shit just destroys it
this sucks total ass
i hope your next flash is better :)
(and sorry for the harsh but true review)

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3.02 / 5.00

May 15, 2004
5:07 AM EDT
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