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This is old and I never made any new ones yet. It's kind of a peice of junk despite the week or two that I spent on it. If that. What I recommend is using a brainwave generator (which I did use in this) and running milkdrop2 off of winamp. Way better :p When I suck less in the future maybe i'll make more. But there are more pressing projects until then.

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I seriously began to trip at the first one damn i didn,t knew this was even posible to get high without drugs...

hell yea

lol now i got something to do beside lison to stairway to heaven when i'm stoned

Tripper's Assessment

Stoned, maybe.
E? Better off dancing.
Acid? If you're on acid, you're not gonna need supplements... :) the visuals will be infinitely better.

I thought the first one was pretty cool, though.

And those brainwave generated soundwaves... pretty awesome stuff, bro :)

You should hear radio waves from Saturn.

Good spirit, keep that up.

trip generators

gave me a seriouse headache, but decently done.


for the guy who was on before me NO SHIT!! god damn some tards around here anyway nice job on the tripouts and sound where did yuou get the sound?!?

Credits & Info

2.96 / 5.00

May 13, 2004
6:53 PM EDT