May 11, 2004 –
April 27, 2011
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If you haven't ever played metal gear solid, this will make absolutly no sence to you. But watch it anyways, or I'll kill you.


This flash is almost 7 years old now and so deserves a remake with polished animation and a Scene Select... keep the audio intact though, the Ocelot scene just seals the deal, it never ceases to be funny.

I saw this years ago and had a hard time finding it again because of the name.

no this is not funny

hahahahahah i love ny very funny

seriously I seen better parodies, with better voices. Sorry but the only funny part was the stairs. and that didn't even make me laugh for a single second.

Lol, this really brings humor to an awesome game

I saw this thing five years ago and thought it was awesome. I watched it again, and it still rocks. Especially the Soldier talking scene with the onions.

Well done!

wow... i totally lost brain cells. animation... smoothness, was ok, but content and voice blew

I Love NY...WTF?

Not bad but not good. Well animated but i didn't find it hugely funny. Voiceover was mediocre. But pretty good work, keep it up!

The I "heart" NY is sooooo funny.:)

that wasnt funny at all

snake got raped by happy the clown XD

Metal Gear is very good game, if you've read the novel its even cooler, but this parody is great good job! Its funny

i guess Snake ascared clowns

dumbest shit ever

Some of the clips were just pointless, but I found this flash to be pretty amusing overrall. A little extra work coulda gone into the visuals though, and maybe a little on the humor. Otherwise this would have a hard time competing with the Metal Gear Awesome videos and the Collabs.

Dude, I played metal gear and this still made no sense. watch the metal gear collabs and try again.

That was pretty funny. I remember watching this years ago, just decided today to sign up and reveiw some stuff. This movie's lucky number 2! Great job with the humor, I especially liked the i love new york part :D

140.85 isnt that the cournals radio number

"where the hell is snake"

i love the box part "hey wheres snake?" falls off of cliff lol

short but very cool and nice flash tecnhiques...really like it...make more

Hahahaah I love MG and MGS spoofs. Hilarious...

I loved the way the artest drew it. I love it


that part with the clown cracked me up, if you could just find someone with a more masculine voice, it would be perfect

Great animation and humour, one of my faivourite videos on Newgrounds.

That clown stuff gives me the creeps. But the box scene was hilarious.

Those outtakes we're pretty hilarous i must say,the voice acting was good thought they didn't really fit the characters but the whole issues with the box had me laughing good,overall it was a great flash.

it was mildly funny, you let that screming thing with happy the clown go on a little long

i think more than likely the clown was raping snake.

i can imagine how much horror he felt after falling from that platform, it wasnt that high, i think. its when he got down on the ground that he screamed, he could be scared of clowns of something

yeah, it's good, i like it
i remember watching this a while back
so it was nice to see it again [:
the Colonel on the Game Over screen always makes me lol on this video
gotta love MGS, it's so cheesey ...


This is so freaking funny dude make another one

The passage with Baggy the clown is so funny well done!!


Bad voice acting
other than that it was kewl

This video is definately on the top 10 funniest videos I've EVER seen!!!!! XD

Uh.. Hello Snake! What? Who are you? Well... I'm Happy the Clown! What? Go away!! Well I can't Snake! I'm in the box with you! What?! .....
Man dude.. that sounded like a murder scene on the last set of screams lolz

hahahahahaha ' where the hell is snake? ' *uuuuughh*


5/5 10/10.

that was kl nice job rofl

Go away! I can't Snake, I'm in the box with you!. What? Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! roflmao! That's some funny sht

Man, thats a pretty good parody of the game! good job man, you got my love man.
I love MGS

That was stinking awesome!!!

This is so funny give you 10/10

It was funny but I just wish someone would stop making fun of snake for the whole box idea... i mean its not just you its all ppl who do it, i mean if it were life or death i would be in a freakin' box too... Next time make fun of snake for being too cool ^_^

Nothing special at all. I forgot I had watched this before. Not all that good sorry. Do better next time =)

the best part is when the guards were talking about being a singer and a dancer heh heh heh no wat i meen... no no i dont no wat u mean lol lmao

Happy The Clown Raped Snake In The Box lol

I liked it.

yo i loved it screw u if u guys don't

the last seen was funny work on the rest

i thought most of them were funny....... but some of them suckED!

Regardless of the hate-reviews before this, I think this is funny. I can imagine if Snake really went through that. Keep creating fireworm888!

I thought it would be funny, but that was before I watched the movie. Honestly, the only time it made me laugh was when I noticed how stupid this was. Still, you put some effort into it so I guess you deserve four more points than I was going to give you.

i thouhgt it was good but needs more immaturaty we see in other videos but i congrat you on the graphics bt you could use a better snake voice singed:Zeroto

You have potential.... just try to find someone to do a better job at snake's voice... loved the stair scene though...

i like the one with octecn. lol

the video was awesome ocelot scene was the best" i love ny"

The humor of it was ok but the quality could use some work.

It could be better. Most of the humor wasn't very good. Almost no one has a good sense ove humor but I l%u2665ve New York was funny X3

okay not bad. some parts were funny, but you need to fix the voice acting for snake. try to be more raspier with your voice. listen to snake's real voice and try to match it. other than that, everything else was good

Really not that funny man, the voices were way off the mark, some parts were pretty funny, like the random falling down the stairs, keep the good shit bin the rest. Keep at it, you got some good ideas man.

uhm... nice try on the humour
some of the jokes were good but
most of the time when i was listening it sounded as if it were
a grade 6 telling the jokes... yeah flag my review as useless but
im just saying...
fireworm888 try to improve on your jokes, try to improve on the
voice acting but some parts were pretty funny like when snake
just randomly fell down the stairs and the i love new york part and
when he fell off the cliff cuz it was prtety random hahaha but... the rest
sorry dude but the rest just wasnt funny alirite/ dnot take my review as
abusive or anything just... try to improve k? thanks for postin this
and good job on the flash

it could have been way better

u could of made it longer though. WWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


dude that was kickass! i hate f*ucking clowns

Ok, but seriously I luv New York thing... Not all that funny. anyway good job on the Metal Gear parody

what, how are you? I'm happy the clown. What do you want. I want to have fun. get away from me. no snake, I can't. I'm in the box with you. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Wow not bad but you could have done alot more i think like a wider and more diverce range of spoofs for it, but over all it was pretty good.

Wan't really funny though.

the part with the clown was partially funny but the rest wasn't nuf said

The happy the clown part was just tooo fuuuny


i luved the first box scene where the snake pops out and they're like "wheres snake?" and he's in a jungle and falls off a cliff

Eh, wish there more interaction.

Messed up Boss fights.

Topless Snake......ummmm...

IDK, some of it was funny just wish there was more lulz.

We can't judge each other tastes but..I didn't enjoy the movie. I mean, graphically it's ok, not bad, but it wasn't funny at all and you could have tryed to do a better Snake voice =S

could have been better

I love the stair scene

lol that was pretty funny.
but use more emphisis and expression when u talk k?

it could use better audio though

I am sorry pal, but this was a bad video. The grafics are ok, some are real close to the game, but hell the humor was very bad... I love NY? Whats up with that?

By far the worst MGS Parody I have yet to observe. None of the box scenes remotely made any sense. The animations themselves were mediocre at best. And the voices would have been the worst if it wasn't for the god awful attempt at humor. Work on your voice overs and animation.

Brilliant, you made me want to go and buy it. Why did your mans hand just fall off though?

you did miss some things though shuch as the boxes being name box a, b, and c

but other then that nice

he spend some time... but its not really funny

Especially the use and look of the radar.

i love NY!!! =P that was so random...awesome flash

very funny

didnt like it that much the voice actor sounded like he didnt even try to imitate snake and the I love NY scene was horrible, I thoght that Gray Fox was gonna cut his other are or a leg maybe his nose...This knida sucke exept for the clown part that was funny.

I Liked the Concept and the style but the execution not so much.

the jokes were good ,the animation was great but the voices sucked...exept the clown

I thought the whole thing was funny! Specially the clown thing! But uh.... Fuckgunot obviously hasn't played Metalgear before, cuz he totally didn't get the box joke. Snake and his box...LOL
rock on dude

This is too funny

the stair scene was funnr but that was about it... the rest of it sucked sorry dwg... just work on ur humor and get ur friends to help u out or sumthing cuz these jokes suk...

ps wtf is up wit that whole i love ny thing? its random as fuk and not funny... besides its all about LA holmes

pretty good...

the flash was good, the animation and audio pretty solid, but the humor...just sucked. i don't know how old you are but from the jokes i would guess maybe 8 or 9. it was immature, mildly obnoxious, and anything but funny. that is why i give this submission a 2. in the future, just work on your content, and you'll be set.

Your art work is good. Yor skill of flash is great. The jokes were funny, some were just random and not really randomly funny.like " love new york?", did I miss something. Overall good job.

LMAO where was snake going in the box the first time.

Happy the clown was pretty good lol.

I like it. Not as much as say....Metal Gear Awesome or Metal Gear Crysis, but this has some potential.

Happy The Clown joke was probably the best
The voices annoyed me though to be honest

sorry just didnt think it was that funny... except when he falls down the stairs... kinda hilarious :P
anyway one of the things that would make it better would be the snake voice... i mean everyone likes an authentic snake voice... u kno? :P

What?! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!(busts railing and falls down). Lol my favorite part.

Pretty good humor in spots although the voice acting did tend to mostly annoy me. If you make another one my suggestion would be to use outtakes that rely on very little voice and more actions. Good job though.

LMFAO that was great!

dude good job i like the happy the clown that was goddam hilarious keep up the good work

The humor isn't as funny as i thought as it would be

im suprised im giving you a 5, the voice acting was such shit it took the humor away...

Animation. 6

Voice acting. 4

Humor. 6

Originality. 7

Length. 5

Over all. 7

Comments. Thought it was well made, dropped in humor toward the end, animation was decent. and had a average length.

That started out really good, had me in stitches from the start, but it immediately began deteriating and finished VERY poorly. Good animation and humour aspects, but te voice acting could have been better. Overall, not too shabby. 7/10 and 3/5

ill give you a 7

10 for the animation skills

4 voice acting

7 for funniness

overall it was awesome

this was ok at best i know you could do alot better

Don't know bout these other guys, but this was funny. Improve the voice acting and you'll get a 10 from me.

Well this is like marmite you either love it or hate it, personally im going to be awkward and give your 5/10 (don't worry i gave it 4 as compensation) HAIL MINI FRIDGES!

err...what can say hmm... voices were bad, however the animations were good

that was no good at all bad voice acting
and the animation was ok, but the jokes and gags were all stale and not even funny.

I am now totally convinced that people just make a bunch of random profiles on here to give themselves good ratings. How can people find this funny? the voice acting was horrible. However I will give you props for your animation. That's it, one star, do not watch.

Revolver ocelot scene owned!!!! Haha so fucking funny!


That was funny as hell



Love to watch anything that's metal Gear but was alittle freaky, specially the clown

it was ok...haha "Im Happy The Clown!"

if its your first one, keep tryin. the animation was sketchy, and the voices were way off, but you tried. as a fan, i can appriciate the effort.

i am a benevolent watcher but the voices sucked, the art quality was mediocre and the only good thing about it was the jokes, coming from an MGS fan, don't give up try harder.


I didn't like the way the skits were written, they for the most part lacked anything to do with the game apart from the character and the part of the map that was used.....Happy the Clown wasn't a funny skit, it made no sense even in a comedic sense, the 'Walking Scene' was one that I didn't see going anywhere fast, and the Ocelot scene could have been gold, but came up short down to poor acting, the bad idea of 'I love New York' and a pretty weak script.

There were things I liked, like the pratfall off the stairs, that seemed plausable and funny; also the canyon bit was ridiculous, but it worked.

I would suggest trying next time to find the comedy in-gameas these didn't even closely resemble outtakes, they were more like 'Alternate Reality' scenes or something.


im probably onje of the biggest mgs fans out there and thats probably why it was so funny but i laughed for like 10 minutes after it finished keep up the good work although you really need a better voice actor for snake.

The comedy was pretty good, but you need better voice acting.

I thought the art and the ideas where good the only thing that let you down was Snakes voice.

Loved it :) especially the first box scene

That was pretty funny specially the scene with happy the clown

Haha that was great!

Well, I don't know exactly what to tell you. The first part was the only funny part to me, the rest was just too random. The overly dramatic Snake was very good and I thought the blood sound effects were funny.

not as good as i expected, but still very funny

The clown part was completely random...... But OMG hah a ha ha....Snake fell off the cliff & slipped on the stairs...ha ha ha ha..... Oh man if possible you oughta make more of these...solid snake is funny...

this is one of the best flashs i have seen in my life make mre

It was funny and everything, but i agree with other people that the clown and the 'I love NY' thing was a bit random. And, even though i am a massive fan of the game, this is still a good parody.

Man, that was great. One of my favourite games is Metal Gear Solid but i do love the parodys of it

I've played every MGS game ever, wrecked all of them each with stealth chip, infinite face paint/bandanna. The only thing is, that made no sense to me... Didn't quite understand why the clown was there instead of colonel. And what's with the onion thing? Next time try making some humor more related to the game, rather then random things. Watch the parodies by Bvhj if you need something to go on.

i've only ever played the demo and i still got every one of these except the one with the onions. anyway keep up the good work!

It was really awesome. I haven't seen any other mgs parodies on ng yet that are better!

poop the vioces where bad but some scenes where funny tho

I could hear ninja when ocelot's arm was cut off. But the box scenes were the best. Make more of these.

Funny, but snakes voice was way off.

The voices were a little off...but the funny scenes made up for it. good job i agree with what the person said below me.. very nice detail on the radar

comedy was a little dry, and the voices were a little off. but nice touch with the radar though, very good attention to detail there that other MGS spoofs fail to do.

My favorite bits were when Ocelot wrote I <3 New York on the wall, or the time when Snake fell down the stairs and died. Otherwise, I just didn't find it all that comical, sorry. :[ The 'what!?' bits were pretty good, too, but I didn't care for the voice acting at all, especially Snakes. Not bad animation, though!

The clown part/scream freaked me out. :[

you took that desert music from Spider! (Athough if you got it off the web I'd like to know what site.)

which metal gear has the box in it?

Voice acting could be better, but i oved it ^_^

Perfect....make more plz

The voice acting was the shittiest thing I've ever heard. It was just really bad.
>_< Also the animation could've used a little more but it was pretty good.
Um that scream that snake does was a bit creepy...
And went on and on...
Whatevs. 1 kudo.

The simplicity, the laughter.
Great job.

this was funny dude!!! "your blood is gonna rain today!"
"what!" "your blood is gonna rain today!"
"what!" "your gonna dye!" *cuts off arm* "i love new york!"
lol dude

Box Seane Take 3: Stupid cause snakes at australia Box Seane Take 4: a clown? that more stupid then take 3 Stair Seane Take 329: man he didnt get hit and noones there Walking Seane 1: man thats almost funny but stupid Revolter Ocelot Seane 5: I Love New York? man that guy dosnt say that! heres your ratings:

BS3: 0 BS4: 1 SS329: 0 WS1: 7 ROS5: 2

Total: 10

ahahaha soo funny!

this was amazing. great animation too 10'd. im adding this to favs too.

hahahahaha! Kepp doing whatever you're doing, it's great!

I'm Happy The Clown! lmafo that part was so funny

i thought the two guards talking were funny .... "ya know what i mean?"

thats so fuckin funny lol i liked the part were happy the clown said he was in the box and then snake ran off the walk way screaming lol

I have played the MGS series, and I don't find this that funny. Except for the stair scene... I laughed my ass off at that.

this is the best MGS parody EVER MADE!! My favorite part was this:
"who are you?"
"I'm Happy the clown!"
"were gonna have fun!" (somethin like that)
"What?! Go a way!"
"I can't Snake, I'm in the box with you!"

It could have done without the "I love New York" thing, but the happy the clown thing was right on.

Great but I agree with Jeza1337, it's not funny as I expected but the graphic are fine.

Not as funny as I expected it to be. Nice work on the graphics though!

oh my god that was funny as hell,metal gear is great but this parody is superb,i mean that clown part made me fall of my chair ffs keep up the good work

u did gd but u definetely need more ppl to help u with the voices.
The clown 1 was stupid but the 1 on the stairs was just funny.
overall not bad but u need more help with the voices.

It was alright. The voices all sounded the same though and could use some friggin help.

Graphics were good, but the clown was just stupid.

It wasn't bad. I got a few laughs from it. Voice acting of Snake could of been way better though.

lol i love happy the clown
P.S. the graphics where great


''I'm Happy the clown, i wanna hav some fun :D''

AWWW my hand i love new york
pretty good can be better

I was laughing so hard on the Revolver Ocelot Scene...




xD, keep it up

I laughed so hard at the "happy the clown" thing. Very good.

You can make a flash really well. You should be making more. This was a great flash man. You are good.

That was pretty good man u should make some more outtake movies. I really liked the 1 with the clown in the box man. Nice touch on the yelling after falling off the side preety good if i say so myself.

the voices could be better. But other then that,
it's cool. but it's pretty short too.

ha ha... happy the clown...good job, dude

Wow man, nice work, I was literally laughing for like 5 minutes at the end with Ocelot, LOL "I love New York!" Good job man <3

I have to tell you that the Happy the Clown but won me over. Good Animation and I loved the wussy snake voice. Keep up the good work.

yes, its a very good idea, but maybe you should try something different.... like making your own. i dont think your very good with fan flashes or whatever. although i played some metal gear solid games, this bearly made sence. but if you want some lessons in randomness, go watch tyler king's metal gear toast flashes on this site (newgrounds). you got potential. work on this flash, i know you can. but, if your going for randomness, add some pie...

I thought the idea for Outtakes from Metal Gear Solid was a good idea, I also thought the graphics were very good. but, I don't think it was at my level of funny.. sorry.

Yeah, like in the title. Pretty cool man.

urgh what did they do in the box? sounded like he cut off snakes cock made a slit and shagged him!!!!

Snake needed a voice actor with a deeper voice, he sounded far too high pitched. On top of the fact I didn't find any of these outtakes funny :(

Umm...dude, this is comming from a longtime fan of the series, but this was probably the most offensive piece of Blam i've ever reviewed on Newgrounds. There is no way i can make this submission ok in my mind.

and um...when did Bevis and Butthead begin to do videogame voice overs? Because if that wasn't them doing ocelot and snake, the you have more of a chance of submitting a cartoon of them then making this one any better.

that's funny flash man

the only thing you could do better was make it longer

that was funny, just a little short though, but still good.

After metal gear fiesta, this is the most off-the-wall MGS parody I've seen.
Totally out of left field.

BTW: out of left field is a phrase meaning absurdly wierd, if any1 at newgrounds hasnt heard the phrase b4.

yeah it was pretty good

Don't get me wrong, odd in a good way. you have a sense of humor thats, well, unique to put it mildly, keep up the good work.

that was some funny stuff. espesialy the clown thing
"I LOVE NEW YORK!"....... even though iv never been there.

y´know what i mean u knooooooooww lol

I think overall the sounds made this flash pretty amusing. I don't know why but the "what?" made by Snake and the sound he makes when he falls down the stairs cracked me up.

The outtakes were funny, especially the Happy Clown joke(ESPECIALLY) Those screams were genuine. There were also some excellent remarks. Like the time when Snake slipped on the icy steps. I'm going to wait for more vids from you.

I would have givent it a 10 with snake not understanding he's gonna die and him falling while running up the stairs. Only reason I gave this a 7 was because the voices werent convincing enough for the character. Nice work anyway.

This was funny especially Revolver Ocelot "I Love New York!!!" I also liked the stair scene didnt think it was ever so hard to run up stairs now I know to never run up stairs with a metal bar behind it lol this was very good though hope that you make some more

Nice, i liked the soliton radar, good work...
tho when did a cliff come into mgs? Ah nvm, you did a pretty decent job...lol, happy clown...

the graphics were good, the soung wasnt great but the ideas were really good, if a bit random. made me laugh, but if u dont know the series, it probably wont make you laugh very much.

The stair scene was a bit predictable and the voice acting wasnt great but the other scenes had some great origionality. And no I would not like some onions, go away... stop following me! AAHH!

Well... it wasn't too bad, you mimicked all the levels and stuff really well, but it wasn't all that funny. The voice acting sucked too. Nice job on the animation though.

rofl that was funny with the clown, good job man

Good graphics, but the voices were terrible and so was the animation. It wasn't very funny, either.

to the last reviewer not all people who hate metal gear are idiots, I myslef don't have a great love for it, don't get me wrong its a great game its just not my style I'd much rather go round a level of Doom with the BFG and blow things up than sneak around and when trying to stand my ground die after four shot to the chest I prefer games were you can go up against people Mano y mano straight away instead of sneaking around for half the game first. anywayz that was a great submission dude graphics were good, I like the way you used the MGS sounds as well... look forward to your next one

People who hate on metal gear have no intelligence. To the person who posted most recently,I agree with you,to the person before you,you try making a game over the course of 15 years,then try to understand what the flash was about to understand the humor in this flash,because clearly humor is wasted on you. If you have a girlfriend,you must bore her to death with your sense of humor,or lack of one. If you don't have one,then we all clearly know why. Aside from that,I loved the flash,it made me laugh,especially the cardboard box outtakes.

tht other guy probs doesnt even play mgs i watched this flash over and over im votin it 5 tht guy is stupid i bet he never even played metal gear solid games

It Really Sucked... I didnt make me laugh it kinda made me wanna cry...
Try watching other video's and learn something.

This was ok but I mean It was kind of retarded sorry and wasnt very funny,except the happy clown LOL.

eh, it was alrigh the replay button is for interactivity humor for the i love ny part and thats bout it. couldive done better.

This video had reall nice graphics but it wasnt funny it was just random and bad voicovers.

That was pretty funny. Especially the part with the clown and the 'I love NY' scene. It was pretty random and absolutely hilarious. Good job!

Pretty good flash. But not that good.

this isn't too bad. i've seen worse things on this site. the box scene was the funniest one, especially with happy the clown! the rest wasn't particulary special. try again:(
ps:you need better voice actors!

awsome video dude its just what REALLY bothers me is the FUKING
VOICES DUDE i mean come on,i heard a retard could do better than THAT PIECE OF SH!TTY VOICES..................but funny video

I like when the parodies have more enimies like vulcan raven, ocelot, Liquid Snake, etc. I'm a big Metal Gear Solid gamer and I exspect more. But still for not playing the game you did good! =D

This is of the better Metal Gear parodies you'll view. I thought this was very funny! I especially love the Revolver ocelot scene!

Especially The Box Scene The Stairs Scene And The Onion Scene ANd I LUV NY SCENE! HOpe There Will BE A Sequel!

i never new snake had that much trouble yet he never gave up.... so go snake

than that this was a good flash! One thing though. It needed to be longer. Happy the clown! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAH!

it was great you put in alot of effort and keep up the good work

That was pretty funny,but I didn't understand the I love New York thing.That was kinda weird.Maybe you should do one about Metal Gear Solid 4:The Guns of the Patriot,you know the one with Solid Snake as an old man.Anyway,your movie was funny.

Of all the bloopers here, only one made me laugh. But I laughed hard, so it was worth it, for me anyways. Overall a decent flash, but I felt like it had been cut off too early. I think you were headed in the right direction, you might have wanted to flesh some of this stuff out a little more.

Not tht bad, except the 'i love new york' thing was too corny

Zomg, this was VERY funny i just had to write this. Great job!


The stair part was funny, the rest really wasn't.

the graphics were actually pretty good, more high quality drawing style than alot of the cartoons i've seen on here i like the style, though the voice acting didn't compare to the visuals, more effort could've been made in that department but overall it was damn funny, especially the clown bit, great stuff8-)#

this was really stupid DONT MAKE A SEQUAL unless its funnier and better!

I loved this animation, it has got to be one of the funniest colection of outtakes ever! I hope there's going to be a sequall.

This movie was awesome. Especially the box scene, that was great, watch out for that clown O_O O:
That stair scene was just funny x_x

i loved the clown scene

i agree with the last review. some scenes were funny but the end was so dumb!

good graphics, sounds especially the map and most of jokes were funny but ones like the revolver ocelot scene ruined it, but still majority was good, cool

The Stair Scene where snake fell on teh stairs was F*CKING HILARIOUS!!! Other than taht it was gay!

truly its nothing compared to metal gear AWSOME but its good

I found it quite bad but some of it was pretty funny, and other things were pretty weired

A little random, but a not without humor. certainly a good attempt though and having completed the game myself i could really relate to most of the scenes. one question though-what was with that guy asking if anyone wanted onions?

some of the humor realy sucked man. realy lame.
but some parts wer funny tho.

Hahahaha. Dude, this was so awesome. It made me laugh. The only thign I can say is that the vouces could be a little better. The Snake voice was best in the Ocelot scene. The onions thing, just got me. Lol. Good work


Loved this animation!
I love your graphical style and the use of the original sounds (with the exception of voices); it was good stuff! :)

I also really like the bizarre humour... y'know, like the onion thing, the slapstick falling over and the really odd Ocelot spraying I love NY on the wall (a reference to his appearance in the MGS2, maybe? albeit, a really really warped and obscure one!)

Keep up the good work! :)

Retarded, random, and funny! Worth a 5 in my book but maybe it could be a little longer?

this wasnt great. it wwasnt super bad, but it was just ok. not funny, sept when snake fell off the cliff. but then ya. try a little harder next time.

Ok the graphics wasnt too bad.... but the animation was a little rocky and it wasnt all that funny. Not to mention alot of this was Random. The only redeeming part was The actual sounds from the game as for the voice actors it Sucked

The graphics were okay
The animation was fair, if abit lazy with the walking
The sounds were okay
The violence was odd
The humor was odd.

Was the second box scene some kind of scary movie 2 skit? That's the only one I found funny.

it was kewl to do a parody thing and the drawings were pretty realistic, especially in the codec screen. However, the jokes werent funny and the voices sucked balls... gently, of course.

XD XD XD i loved the box part...but i do wish i coulda seen grey fox (the ninja to all you noobs) but yeah id like to see more of these also

"Go away!"
"I can't! I'm inside the box with you!"



What? My hand! I love New York!

Holy crap, that made me laugh so hard! I really enjoyed this flash. Awesome work.

most of the jokes were lame(sorry)
it was the bad kind of randomness
i only like the art
the voices wernt so bad
keep making flashes though

It was alright i guess.The funniest part was when Snake was in Africa!

that wuz the funniest stuff i have ever seen.

DID ocilote come from NY?

LoL F**cken True To Metal Gear Solid, Nice Outtakes, Whats with the first box scene????:p Lol I LOVE NY

the clown is from scary movie 2.....just sayin

Very nice I have always liked to laugh at an outtake real

you did a fine job, but your voice acting for Ocelot and Snake sucked.

nice "Whii-yaaa!!" for the ninja.

some of the finest work in parodies and gives no discrase to the game nice very nice

I really like random humor and more in MGS parodies but ... well it sucked all those box scenes.

The voice acting in snake -__-u

Your drawing stile is very good and the scenarios are well too
not complainings about graph

I give a 5 to this submission coz i want to save the last gag, the ocelot scene is for me something to remember in NGrounds so i thumb up it.

looking for you to make a new parody (you got plenty of matterial with MGS 2 3 and the coming PS3 relase) but please try too make random humor (for my like : P) and dont be so obious like in box scenes.

"Me and a friend of mine wana make something baout MGS parody too but not time to do it, maybe a collab? who knows"

That was the best thing next to the ultimate showdown

any one want onions?
i'm in the box with you.
me:i'm not in a box
me:i'm not to thrilled with newyork
me:sorry if this review sucked
your bloo... blood will rain.
me:come on, this review isn't that bad

was that snake from Donkey Kong Country??? Anyway I shall NOT DIE!!!!!!!!!!

I loved that flash!
The Onion scenes the best!!!!!!!!
Oh and all the box scenes!
You should do another outakes flash!

holy crap
that was so funny
i just loved the part where ocelot's arm is cut off and then.... hahahahahahahah im still laughing ! "i love NY" lol awesome. dudes you only gotta work on youre graphics.
peace out

OMG! That was awesome! The graphics were awesome, too! Good job. <3 +fav

the revolver ocelot *shalashaska* scene was the best 1!~! lol....
my hand!!!! i love newyork!! *paints i love ny on wall*..
dude keep it up..
sorry for the spoiler alerts,,,

that was funny and crazy

This was cool and really funny too,lack of style and graphics abit,but humor makes up for it,i also wished they never ended XD

It started of good, but then the outtakes became weird and less funny as you went along. Also the animation/graphics are a bit iffy.

it was good i like it gj man:)

It was a good flash, nice presentation.
The jokes were good, but they weren't terribly funny.
It was an awesome concept, just needs a little work in the humor department.
Nice work.

A pretty good flash,but not that good.Could have used some more humor.


me like, this is good dud how the hell did u came up with these sketches, make more plz


Well it was very well done with good enaught graficts and a good asortment of voice actors that provide good voices as well as a decent amount of humor that provides meny giggles
and some laughs not terribly funny but decent a 4 for me

this made me and my mate wet are selfs with laughter, the bit where the clown says ''hee i cant snake im inside the box with u''brilliant keep up the good work

lol. wtf. omg. this is f***** s***!

Those outtakes weren't very well thought up, and animation could have used some improvement.



haha i like it,I LUV NY!!!

Hey I love this movie, it's freaking awsome. Laughed my ass off on the part with the clown.

What is he doin to snake under that box... The world may never know

Happy the clown is scary...O_O"

God this was funny made me laugh from start to finish with all the different scenes, great work on the art and the humor you brought to this, very welldone, and even the voices camout very well, but most of all the humor was the best part so nice work, keep it up...


ok now im scared from the boxes because happy the clown being there
oh wait he died falling of with snake

"Anybody want's some onions?". Haha, i love randomness

so funny keep up the great work man U ROCK OUT LOUD

P.S. The ocelot scene Reminded me of lil Jon-What!

LOL that was so fucking funny the stair the clown was to much that was fan fucking tastic keep it up

lol,made me laugh i dont understand the part "walking scene".

funny stuff but the part with the clown in the box with snake.....*shivers* creepy but that was a funny movie but work on the leg animations they move weird

mixing metal gear and bill and ted? GENIUS! very, very funny.

I luuuuuuv MGS and watching this made me explode with laughter! It is way way way to funny!! OMG!!! It is perfect! Graphics. Humor. Style. Everything!! Watch it now (that clown is killer!)!!!!!!!!

pass me a beer, this $h!t is halirous!

OMFG what was that!!!!
Happy the Clown OMFFG I cant stop laughing!!!!
And this " I love NY!" hahaahahahahah
I say: Pls make more with other Games!
You have a talent for it

so funny, but the clown bit creeped me out O_o

lmao this was great




ok the first time i saw the happy clown scene i was laughing my head off for hours, now this whole animation sucks ass

this was a funny cartoon nice job dude!

that was great! i saw that like 20 times already. metal gear solid is the greatest game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was hella funny!

the graphics sucked, the sound really sucked,and you need to spend more time on it. but it had some funny parts just do better on the other shit.


i thought happy ythe clow was hilarious

i am a great fan of the metal gear solid seres as i have completed most of the games my self and didn't find these much fun to sit and whach. i got up to the part where he falls off the cliff then i was half asleep. but i think the idea for out-takes was very original.

good try.

Not Bad but the characters sounded NOTHING like they should've. Some people don't mind, but it really took me outta the experience.

Yeah this was pretty funny, especially the bit with revolver ocelot and the i love ny brilliant!

W00T!!! Gotta love this MGS parody :D!!! Hilarious :D! Heheh...Snake in a box better watch where he's going next time ;)! And man, were those two genome soldiers getting it on, or what? lol! jk! And yay for ocelot and his love for New York. LOL!

I loved the ending with the i love ny.
Ha ha ha ha ha

" Hello Snake. I'm Happy the Clown!" It's even funnier, because i just played the game!!! nice job. keep up the good work

i agree with last entry, but the sound was crappy, the voice acting i mean

Well done, that really made me laugh. It captured the style of the game exceptionally - keep it up, mate.

I only really like 2 scenes....Happy the Clown was Friggen Hilarious....and then i loved the ending with "I LOVE NY!"

XD I loved this.
...Happy the Clown. Dear. Lord. Poor. Snake.

And the 'Anyone want some onions?' had to be one of my favorite part.s

Great work here, pilgram. =D

Well, the part where Snake fell off the cliff was mildy humorous, but overall the move was very poor.

the i love new york part was funny. the voices were annoying though.

I like when Snake started screaming, LMAO..........the only thing was Snake's voice cause it really didn't sound like him.......AW, who gives a fuck, you did great 5/5

That clown codec call was fuckin funny. The voiceover for that clown was good!! I hope u do a follow up !!!

i love the scene where they take the box off and there's a real snake. lol tht was so hilarious. Great job and really nice work making a good metal gear solid parody

That was a classic movie, though I diddn't get the onion part, it was still funny. Great graphics made it a plus also. I think it was great!

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The thing that bugged me the most was it was a little difficult to hear some of the clips I kept having to turn up my volume then turn it down whenever he'd scream. Other than that pretty funny.

My favorite seen was with happy the clown lol.

good make more.........

...The voice acting, I'm sorry... it was just so bad. It distracted me so much, I couldn't even think straight. Especially Snake, man, that's sacreligious. It was also a little slow.

Anyway... Great potential.


This was cool not the best but cool and really funny especially Happy the Clown

voice overs suck
not funny one bit
are u trying to make the game look bad?

it wuz alright... the part with happy the clown though wuz really sketchy, the yelling got SUPER annoying cuz it just kept going on and on and on and on, and that wuz pretty fucked up what he did 2 snake. if that gay clown wuzn't there it'd b perfect though, I LUV NEW YORK was a funny part.

I just didn't understand the part with the onion guy. "Annybody want some onions" I dont get it, what it supposed 2 be? And another thang...... WAS THAT CLOWN IN THA BOX RAPING SNAKE!?

happy the clown was great. The animation was pretty good and it was fairly funny. keep up the good work

My Favorite Scene Is The One With Happy The Clown


the clown kinda creeped me out the movie was funny bvut the voice acting was pretty stupid but other than that it was pretty good 7\10

I'm a fan of the series. I like your ideas, but the lousy voice acting just wrecked it. Also, what was with that guy who wants to be a dancer?

funny but also silly happy the clown? okay but keep doing what your doing

It was pretty good. At the beginning it was funny but then it got stupid. I give it an 8.

i`m a fan of metal gear and i must say that this is good one.

lol, that Stairs thing was classic, but really good stuff, Hilarious!!!!, a clown giggle after snake jumped ooff the balcony and died woulda been better though. Good Job!!!

Really funny! But when do you get your ideas from??

Funny,the art work was okay,but who did the voice acting? I mean it sounds like two bored seventh graders.

WHAT was THAT! I find the Game more funny! That didnt even make me Smile Apart from the Clown! Diserpointing 2/10

Again, teasing the MGS stereotypes. It was still pretty hilarious.

A Classic.

I'm stunned all I can say is perfect.
P.S. I'm in the box (lol)

That was sooo freakin funny! I love the Your gonna Die Snake Part. I love New York! The Happy the Clown uh speechless. Keep on releasing good Flash Cartoon!

I love the Happy the Clown part...

I <3 NY!

Overal, great flash. However - Joe. Your Flash skills are your forte. Don't quit at it; your voice acting is horrendous. Bad voice acting ruins great flash.

Otherwise, you did an amazing job. Keep it up - but next time, outsource the voice talent ;)

Pretty funny, I like the Happy the Clown part, thats priceless. And I love NY! Great job!

the take 4 box scene was funny and freaky and the same time*shivers* but it was funny anyways.

Very funny, loved the "What?" scene. He does say what too much. Hah hah

But really, nice work, I loved it, and the I heart NY was awesome.

funny :D i loooove mgs2 and 3 this is great

EH...wasnt really that funny. I thought the only funny scene was the Happy the Clown scene...the rest was just....boring. The voice overs werent that good ether

one of the best MGS clips i've seen

Anybody want some onions?

i thought that was hilarous i almost died of laughter

Voice acting was its flaw, Im sorry but the voices were horrible absolutely horrible.

But it was nice to see a good metal gear solid spoof and it was pretty funny, Overall i say good job :)

(BTW this isnt Twinksta, its his friend)

Hilarious! Especially Happy the clown!

To all the ppl whos makin' flash! if u need voice acting, holla at me!

That was hilarious, I loved it, and I would like to possibly see more, like MGS2 and Bird Shit. BTW, that was the greatest scream EVER.

F-U-N-N-Y! VERY FUNNY. THAT'S ALL I CAN SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ZeoOfFire, The Flame Of The Pheonix Reborn!!!


LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!! OMFG that wuz friggin hilarious. I LUV NY!!!! LOLOL!!!LOLO- *dies*

aw dude tht was amazing and random "hello im happy the clown im in the box with you!" "AAAHHHHHH!!!" hehe wen i say tht phrase to this guy he throws me on the floor and kicks me alot >_< hes a fuckin n00b anyyway nice one!!

the idea is very good and you´ve that animation is very nice i like and i hope you will do more

Good work! Very good. etc.

It was funny how Snake got up the stairs but he fallls all the way down escpecially with Happy the Clown whom is in the box 2 with Snake.

You had some great ideas, the topic on outtakes gave me high hopes. But the gags were disappointing, off-topic, and occassionally it did give me snarky laughs, but most of my charisma depended on force. You could always remake it and think about the inner-elements a little more. Nice try, though.

that was pretty funny. ive never played mgs1 but i have 2 and 3. I liked the part where ocelot goes AHH MY HAND!!!!!!!! I LOVE NEW YORK and bleeds it on the wall. oh and just in case ur wondereing i only put 0 on interactivity because this is a movie.

i cried from shame this a piece of SSSHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sry if you disagree (im usually not negative)

That was thee most funniest thing I have ever seen! I literally laughed my ass off during the 2nd box scene. Did you do all the voices yourself? They're really good, wether or not it sounded like Snake. Make another one, but longer and funnier. Awesome Flash!


This is okay, but is abit boring, well very boring. The best bit was the onions! but that was it. Yes, it was! So it's not all that good.
Well to tell you the truth it is good.

u have obviusly been playin atention 2 ure mgs1 well done!

wow totally boring

this is so dry like the take 3(a worm in the 1st box and the real person is off a clif) and wot is up with the clown thng?????

Look, the graphics are good but that´s the only good thing I founded, the thing abuot the clown it´s not funny, it´s too short and the next time you make a MGS flash find someone with a man´s voice, ok =P

P.S. The thing about "I love NY" was not that funny

Me and my mate especially enjoyed Happy the Clown!
Funny thing ever!

Good but short. And some of them arent that funny.

i think you should make it more longer because i think it was too short.

That was funney.But it would be perfect ifit was longer.

That's was a good video, but a little bit confusing. But still good.

Ok, WTF was that in the box?!? And the clown even freaked me out....... =[ I'm going to have nightmares for weeks...

oka y a bit shit apart from the random onion guy scene

I didn't get the I love NY part?

LOL, this is some funny stuff! I like the use of MGS sounds.

lol that was really funny

lol that was funny

funny althogh i didn't get the clown part

it was funny but a bit gory!!!


hah, loved the sound of snake screaming, and that whole scene xD

some pretty great stuff here, hope to see more!

That was my favorite part. I loved the way he said it. awesome.

That was actually very funny. I liked the Clown Scene best. You should make some more to do with Otacon or Psycho Mantis. I wonder what those outtakes would be like

LOLOLOOLOLOL!! My friggin dude, this absolutely ROX!! you are tha best! keep it up dude!

funny but i dont get if the clown just scared him or was actually raping him.....and the i love NY thing was a little stupid but it wasnt unbearable

Exellent!!! Notice I gave violence ten for Rape in a Box lol Good work :D

That was pretty damn funny. I definitly recomend watching this video. I love the MGS series. Oh yeah, if you have never seen or played any Metal Gear video games you probably wouldn't get this video.

I just decided to watch this just to blam, as I am new, but when I saw it I loved it and I have changed my ways, thank you Fireworm 888 and keep up the good work. P.S If I find any undecent shit, I WILL blam your ass.

oh my sweet jesus that was good!I hope theres more stuff out there like this!

I think this is a great flash for MGS And def funny :D

I gave it a 5 score.

The Reviewer: Keep it up

the bit with ocelot was funny

this makes snake out to be an absolute ass hole, Metal Gear Solid players can really relate to it.

Wow. I must admit that I wasn't entirely fond of Snake's voice, but I am an enormous Metal Gear Solid fan and I found these shorts very funny. I had to give you a 10 overall, simply because it made me laugh. With times as such, that is very difficult to do.

So, well... Thanks. As I said above, keep it up.



heheheh you dont need a box to enjoy like but I doooo...

boxy boxy :D

did you ever assume happy the clown was gay?

Happy The Clown lol, thats another reason why I hate clowns. That was the best part!

I didn't laugh much, but the "I love NY" part was too much!!! LMAO

Sorry, but I didn't laugh at all.

dude wtf...not good man..and i luv new york wtf????

lol that was funny, but wut's with the I luv NY?

man this was cool! i loved the clown part!!! you make more!! or else i will kill myself! ( joking)

hahaha, the clown part was the funniest!!! "I wanna have some fun" "Im inside the box with you"

lol that kicked ass i loved the stair and the box off the clif seens kick ass sweet

lol man that was hilarious it was best at the start when he fell of the klif

This is actually pretty good, in fact the best of the subject, too bad its the only one that really worts being seen, the other MGS spoofs are lame.. WELL DONE

I'm making a metal gear spoof too! nice job!

that was pretty funny, i wish it was longer though..

it was a good laught

ok now do metal gear solid 3

HAHAHAHA....snake fell off cliff...HAPPY THE CLOWN...then he fell off the stairs.... HAHAHAHAHA

i laughed, then i cried, then i laughed some more... i have died in the box soooo many times... who the fuck hides in a box? i try and do it in the middle of rooms after i kill a couple genome soldiers and get their buddies to look at them, that could be the reason... brilliant flash... need more outtakes

This was absolutely one of the funniest things i know. The part: "Your blood is going to rain today" "What!?" is the personal favourite of mine.

its hallrious

yeah dude, this is well worked, very well thought out and is just plain awesome for a laugh! I loved it, the Falling down stairs, oh my God it made me Fall in Laughter!

i laughed so hard at the happy the clown thing that tears went down to my dick

Man, this movie makes me laugh.
Happy the clown?, nice surprise for snake!

dude your one crazy dude but in a good way

You did a perfect job of recreating the game. The soung and style are top notch. It's hilarious how you implemented the fact that Snake says "What?!" in like, every sentence. Very nicely done. Though, I do think you could've worked a little more on the characters, when they walk their legs litterally up and down. Other than that, very nice.

I feel like being the clown in ur screwed up movie Fireworm... cause this is a shitty cartoon...
Reason 1) Horrible voice's
2) Your jokes are horrible
3) Random crap = shitty cartoon
I'm gonna log off NG now and play metal gear all over again because you've fucked up any good memory of that game.

Pretty funny My favorite one was the stairs scene that one was very funny! :)

This is some of the funniest stuff I have seen In a While. Especially the Stairs and Clown senes.

OK, the first two were funny, but the further it went the more stupid it turned. I love NY?? What the Hell was that?? The style is nice, but you should get some better ideas.

gReat if u play MGS youl LOVE this so funny!
Maybe a sequel or somthing for MGS 2?

It had it's funny, sick, and twisted moments but all around it was just wierd.

poor guy scared of clowns, what's the deal with the onion guy as well....bah nvm i laughed my ass off

heh dude you should make some more

Omfg THis Was the Funniest F-Ing Thing Ever!!!! I love it when snake goes over the cliff in the box! Must've jumped on the wrong truck!! XD!!! I've only played MGS twice But this was Heeelarious!!

I LOVED IT!!!! Specialy the part with Happy The clown!!!!!!!

well the graphics were ok, and kudos for showing appreciation for such a fine game. wasnt too funny to me, but that's my opinion. keep it up though. but work on the humor a bit.

I thought this parody is pretty funny but anybody who disagrees is an idiot.

it may not be the best flash-mov out there, but Shit its not far off. keep up the good work

i loved the part with the codec and the box and when ocolot gets his arm cut off... lol pretty funny

After beating MGS i tried to do so many stupid things i found them way funnier than they should have been and the box was one. The box was basically usless but funny as hell.

Its aight, but i really like the box part,funny as fuck. Nice work Fireworm888

If I was 11 years old again then perhaps I would have laughed at this, but only because I didn't know what was funny and what wasn't back then. Voice acting was poor also. At least the graphics were good.

...Must ...stop ... watching ...*coff coff* ... kant ... holdit ... anymore ...AHHH MWAHAHAHAHA *coff* HAHAHAHAH *wheez* HAHAHAHA noooooo!!!

What in the hell IS that thing? A sock puppet? Lol it just makes me burst out laughing...

It was really funny. I think even if someone didn't see/play MGS they would still laugh. Or, not, especially the ocelot scene. Anyways, it was really funny.

i still laugh at this video every time i watch it.. 1st time i saw it was in july

I saw this thing like at the beginning of 2004 and I still laugh at this thing, very funny, I loved it.

That was pretty damn awesome Snake fell of a cliff, fell down the stairs, and got scared to death by happy the clown... poor him (snicker, Snicker) today we say hahahaha snake almost died 3 times what a loser.

Great stuff. Gotta love MGS 1 =)

That was very random! Nice work re-creating the scenery... aahhh that takes me back!

Very funny,I'll like to see more of those

I really liked the style of your animations. Your voice acting could use some work but over all i liked it. good job.

It wasnt that good, Some of the "humour" in it wasnt very funny, But hey good try its still nice..

Good but not to good.

lol, agghh my arm! I love NY!

HAHAHAHAHA good one my friends HAHAHA already laughed HAHAHAHA at the first scene HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

Out of all the Metal Gear Solid flash movies I have seen this has to be the best of them all, the best part was when Snake was in the box with Happy the clown screaming for his life, I haven't laughed that hard in ages, good work and please do a sequel to this please.

? Nice Animation. I welcome a try again

...That was bad, not even funny ....

Wow....this is the one of the funniest things I have ever seen for MGS! I loved this movie. Sequel Please!

that was fuckin' hilarious!would've given a perfect 10 but the last scene wasn't that funny.you totally need to make a sequel.

One of my favorites.

i like this FLASH

ok u made a piece of shit, and god help u i hope thts what u where tryin to do, ur about to become a the flash shit master! way to go shit master!
not ur freind


well done on this flash it ruled and being a big fan of Metal Gear Solid i loved it keep up the good work

gr8! funny as fudge

I thought it was funny as hell!


man i love this
specially the clown in the box
THIS rocks

Nice work dude!
Great movie!
As he said, if u havent played MGS, you mite not get it, but watch it anyway cos its cool ^_^

- Marky

that was AMAZING. MGS is by FAR the best game ever

The clown scene was so funny I laugh for atleast 5 mins.
(glass shatter) What the ... NO! NOT YOU AAAAAAAAAHHHH IT'S HAPPY!

That was a funny spoof, i liked the bit where it shows an actual snake and shows snake falling down a cliff, lol, and i love NY wtf?? lol

its the box I tell ya its the box....

Pretty funny! Poor Snake.

good job

absolutely hilarious

L0L!Happy the clown part was the funniest thing evah."Im inside the box with you" But what was the reason the Snake freaked out so much?

that was AWSOME! oh shit, funniest thing i ahve ever seen in my entire life, i could kill my self and be happy. i normaly don't rate high, but this was the only 10 i have ever seen in my life. I love you. and new york!

wtf was that?

Anyhoo, awesome outtakes reel. My favorite one was the stairs. That caught me off guard.


If I were stuck in a box with a clown, I'd do the same thing.

Good MSG spoof. Gotta love Happy the Clown. Snake's voice could have sounded more like the game's voice, but that's just me being knitpicky. Great stuff overall!

you hav got to make more scenes of him screaming his bloddy arse off!!!! it's hilarius!!!

that had to be the funniest part of the whole thing. More more we demand more... keep em comming.

nuff said.

The only messed up part in this flash was where Snake was in the Heleport and then in the 1st floor of the Tank Hangar. I don't really care, though. Good graphics. I laughed my head off when I saw the Clown scene. Other scenes were good as well. I would really like to see more of these from you.

1 thing u need to now about mgs the heliport u maped out was gay he runs in front of the truck and he is on the top of the stairs which the stars are on the other side and the whole clown thing was fucking retared i love mgs u dont your just another mgs poser who is trying to be funnie well it wasnt give u credit on the one when snake runs up the stairs that was a good one............it still sucked

the humor was fair

Good and i liked it! good job!

The clown Box Scene Was the best but was the clown gonna rape em?

i loved this, my favorite was the evil clown in the box and the revolver guy.

I liked the 2 box scenes. In the game itself I like the box.

DDDDammn that was funny. im still laughing. i wanna see a MSG2 one

best was the stair scene

Box Scene takes 3 and 4 were real funny, especially when he screamed.

it was good ( i love ny)

I'm sorry, but this was one sad attempt at a spoof.

the best 1 to me is all the box takes.

It was funny enough, but the voices were bad.

This movie is not funny. Not only tat, it has bad voice overs. I mean cmon, Snake's voice is suppose to be really rough and low, in this movie he sounds like he hasnt even reach puberty yet.

Yhat was funny!!! I'll give it a 4. Or maybe a 5?

At least try to sound like Snake you fag

This iz so FUNNY.
But whats the guy sellin' onions got 2 do with anything ?
ah well.

Sorry about that subject line but that screaming scared the **** out of me. What was Happy the Clown doing?!?!?!

Anyway, well done on this matey.

Heh heh, nice little film you got there man. A shame the voices for characters weren't a bit closer, but still, parts of that were genius. The screaming after Mr Happy and the Onion man especially. Well played. ;)


That was great stuff, who would've ever thought of this? The graphics were good, the voice actings wasn't bad, good choice of music, and nice jokes. What!? I love new york!

It's quite hilarious, and you did a pretty good job...

It was ok, there was alot of random stuff.

quit trying so damn hard to be funny and grow a sense of humor.

lol, im laughting my ass of with this movie, that was great

I like the graphics and your cartoon style the most, but animation was rough and blocky. The voices were awful, but the outake with the clown in the box got me laughing alot. Especially with the continous screaming.

I am a big MGS fan and that movie was pretty funny, but not amazing...


One of the Best Metal Gear Movies I've Seen since Metal Gear Feista (if thats the name) Great Movie Keep it up it Rocks!

this was the funniest thing i ever saw

Well, the graphics were well done, but the rest of the movie is pretty bland. Shitty voice acting as well...

I CANT STOP LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


nat very good

I loved the bit with snake falling off the stairs, but onions and happy the clown? What gives? Should have been more to do with the actual game and it could have been a lot better. Still a pretty good movie though, if you're not bothered by the randomness.

I loved it though it got random and pointless at some areas it was still funny! Keep up the good work.

but it was funny!
and can you tell me what he mean with i love New york,.. i mean, why did he wrigth i love NY .
maby cuz it so pointless (thats why its so funny maby). byelo and no thanks i dont want some Onions.

Dont get confused about every thing that i wrigth,. if u dont understan just dont give a
shit about it

That was great! Make more, make more!

a funny flash of metal gear solid

That was probably the only good part. Other than that, kinda average.

it wasnt wonderful, but it did start out really funny then, well it wasnt as good. i watched this once before and i liked it but playing the game just makes it better

PS- Pay attention to the cutscenes in the game!

Yeah it was okay it got a bit boring and some of the scenes were very boring but good work

I've played Metal Gear Solid, and this is just horrible! How the hell did this win "Daily 2nd Place"? First off, there was nothing funny about these outtakes, they're suppose to make you laugh, but I didn't. They were dead lame. Second, there were only 3, 3 stupid and unfunny outtakes. Third, they made no sence what-so-ever. The first one has a worm in a box, and Snake falls off a cliff in a desert? The second has a clown in the box with Snake, was he getting ass-raped or something? The third he falls off stares, what the fuck? I'll admit this had good graphics, but not so good sound, the stuff from the game is good, but all other sounds and voice acting sucks. I can't see any way this could've improved, well, maybe if it were FUNNY, and longer... nah, it would've still sucked.

omg that was awesome hahahaha "I LOVE NEW YORK!!"
ya its so random like anybody want some onions hahaha good work

Happy The Clown....heh

A great flash on the outtakes of metal gear solid. i cant wait till you get to do one on Twin snakes, HINT HINT!!!

Ha that was funny, even though im a big fan of metal gear solid.

That was great. My favorite part was the clown part and the "I LOVE NEW YORK" part came outta no where. That's good stuff.

i like especially the part where acolote gets is hand cut off and the snake voice suxx

The Happy the Clown thing was pretty funny, and the snake thing was also. The onion and I love NY thing was weird, but kind of funny, in an odd way. The stair scene was funny also.

this is a great flash. With the i love ny and happy the clown. it was good but the rest was kinda boring.

I really like tha way you did your cartoon, the style is unique and the animation is good enough, by the way, I JUST LOVE THE I LOVE NEW YORK joke, It's more than great.

Have crapped my pants full of boredom. The screaming Cean Way to long. HAPPY THE CLOWN? Dude this is like the dumbest thing i have ever seen.


Of corce i'm a little bias (look at my name) but i still liked it.

A friend and I are training to be voice actors. Need help? He can do various anime voices I can do a few too, but I excell at Snake's voice.


Random as hell....and I fucking LOVE IT!!!! Please please please please please make another one!
Ace job dude, ur CLEARLY a pro!!!

just.......... lol


even though i have never been there

It had some funny parts. But I'm not saying it was outragous or anything.

Great work!

So funny!
Happy the clown!!!

man that was really funny man!! Nice parody of metal gear.

it was nice funny box gags keep up the nice work. make some more man. alright

The animation itself is great work, but the outtakes are just simply stupid.

That was some high~larious stuff man! Ocelot must really love New York... awesome animation by the way dude!

This movie made no sence at all. And It made ocelot look really stupid. I LOVED IT!

This is amazing, and it's funny, coz it's true, especially the bit with the boxes.




some jokes were lame but the others were graet.

Pretty good, you have flash down pat I see, just needs better jokes.


could use some work. not funny.

I liked this especially the bit '' i love new york'' i was'nt sure what to expect when i pressed play but i was delighted to watch you flash movie.

Most of the gags were humourous, but not laugh out loud funny. A bit more variety in voices would help this a lot (rally yer mates round :).

Oh, and Jiku, chill. MGS: Twin Snakes is the same game just with some of the features of MGS2 added in. Hardly a betrayal since the creators of MGS have been working alongside Nintendo for a good while now anyway. Or did you forget that Snake's debut was on the old NES system? (Metal Gear and Snakes Revenge games).

Dont ever say mgs:twin snakes was being biased u asshole U piss me off masterbitch800 ..........the orginal mgs was for playstation twin snakes is an ass ramming remake and betrayel of the ps2

hey this was a good movie but the game u baised it off of is called Meatal Gear Solid:THE TWIN SNAKES. but overall i want to see u make a zelda spoof or a Chaos Legion spoof. u r the only guy ive seen that can make a good blooper....... u r the only one that has made a blooper real so far.

this is some good work, although i thought it does need a little attention, perhaps on the characters bodies.

but you definately need to work on the voices, snake has a much deeper voice than that.

good job man
5!!!! vote 5!!!!!!

Bad voice acting and the "humor" was pointless, lame and without punchlines. Pretty bad parody, and don't bother posting a reply cause I'm not gonna read it.

coulda been funnier, but still dull humour.

Not bad not bad at all....it was kinda funny but i could have been better...the graphics work and style was very good though

this was so funny,devilsgrasp this stuff wasnt used in other movies and if u tell him to get his own material,then make a flash movie urself.
Nice job.

i have played the game and it still was kinda stupid, iv'e seen all that befor in other flash projects and movies get your own material

That was really good. Only thing i didn't like was the end . Cause it finished. Make MORE!

Very good mate keep it up

This flash falls flat on its face to make fun of one of the best video games out there. It had its moments, but not too much of them. I raised my eyebrow, instead of laughing. I am very disappointed on this. Graphics were pretty good. DO NOT WATCH THIS IF YOU'RE EXPECTING TO LAUGH!!!!!!

but i think its funny :)

oh yes i give you some advice: if you feel the need to scream, do that in a bucket or something cuz it scared me how you screamed :/

read the title. not funny at all. blam this shit.

this is.....well i'm not that impressed, but incase you didn't know, ocelot was accuraly from somewhere in Russia (not to offend you, or anyone from, or love(')s new york) the clown scene was gay, but the scene where ocelot got his hand cut off and said I LOVE NEW YORK, I accuraly found that funny. Anyway, not impressed, Happy The Clown Is Gay, and Ocelot is funny with the NY thing.

OMFG I LOVE NY!!!1!1@22999!!eleven!!1!

Not bad not too good but its worth watching once at least, I suggest if you make another like this make it longer at least

that was shit. it made very little sense. voicing was terrible.

umm...yeah okay. I get it but the voice acting was crap. Aw well.

hey hey hey THATS BOGUS! no just kidding me and my friend evan think this thing is great happy reminged me of crispy gym sub (mr. g-spot)(mr.gauthier) well any way im just sitting here listening ot sonic midis i need to go to the bathroom ou uh gota go

Attention sprite artists: Unless you are doing some revolutionary manipulation, try *DRAWING* your own toon! Big creative points for these guys, and look at the file size! I LOVE NEW YORK!


Maybe a little more action, but good, nevertheless. Very well drawn Snake.

next time do more od the action scenes

he should had been like little john

what what !! ok!!!!


lol super funy for humer 85%
keep it goin man


ive played metal gear solid and i still dont get this. none of it was even the slightest bit funny. man, this really sucked, how did it get such a high score?

haha that was one of the best metal gear solid thing ive ever seen

favorite part was walking scene take 1.

That was reel good. You should do another one. I love that game and that flash was cool.

wow . that was good. It is going to my favorites. Keep up the good work.

some of the jokes wearent even funny,and the voices where terrible but besides it was great!

The voices where pretty crummy, but other than that, it was pretty good.

Keep up the good work.


That was a funny blooper of Metal Gear. The only thing I didn't like were the voices, no offence, it just that they sound so young. Other than that it was great hope to see some more bloopers

I liked the sound bites from Metal Gear and the recognizable areas from the game, but, yeah, that was pretty much all that they liked. I enjoyed the graphics, but, ummm, a clown in a box just doesn't do it for me.

Some of the outtake were a little weird, like the first Box Scene; however, it was still a good laugh! Keep up the great work!!

It didn't make much sense, like most out-takes. But it was very good, keep it up.

It wasnt very funny

the funniest thing was the happy the clown thing, but terrible voice acting...

That was terrible, poorly voiced, unfunny, that was just...stupid.

The graphics and stuff was great, but the content wasn't very funny.

I thouroughly enjoyed it, being a hard-core mgs fan.

That was funny! Keep it up man!

I luv MGS, good jorb, the voices kind of sucked though, sorry.

lol You made fun of my all time favorite game, and it was worth it! Keep it up!

good job man, MGS is one of my fav. game. the stair part cracked me up


This was great! I gave this a vote of 5 ^.^

Love Metal Gear Solid. Love this submission. Love it all.

I liked very much Metal Gear. The part of I love new york was the best dude

But, good animation did help it alot. That, and the scene where snake falls down the staris, that was hilarious.

well the fact that its was MGS pretty much gave u those 3 points,however,the voices were bad,jokes sucked and had no delivery, and it was a very slow humorless toon.

Good if you know anything about MGS, though some of the jokes were alittle....peculiar. Not my cup of tea, but the overall artistic quality made up for it.

some parts made me laugh but some of the jokes where lame and the voices sucked, it wold be cooler if you could sound like the actual characters instead of sounding like a 5 yr old trying to be cool

good graphics but most of it was pretty lame

Hmmm, where to start.....
1) the voices sucked
2) the gay part with the clown and the screaming was too much...way too much
3) the "What!?" voice was almost as gay as snake screaming
4) the "outtakes" weren't funny, they sucked


omg, the clown part with snake screaming was the funniest thing ever!

But at the end, the "I Love NY" sorta made me laugh... i dont know why though

umm was snake sodomized by that clown?

or do clowns just really freak him out

Sucked. Sorry, I just didn't find it funny at all. But I like your drawing style.

that was really wierd, all the jokes were really crap...except for the happy the clown part, that was hilarious.

Meryl: How old are you?
Snake: Doesn't matter, how old are you? ;)

If this had been made while I was still playing MGS I woulda laughed my ass off. Now, years later, its...well....dumb. Got the jokes and everything, uh, try again next time.

The fact you can barely hear the voices at some parts really detracted from it as well as the humor, the first box one was fairly funny, and the stairs take, but otherwise the jokes made no sense, or were just not that funny. It started out good and went down hill. Perhaps also a little more time could have been spent on drawing the bodies of the terrorists and ocelot as well. Mainly the leg's for the most part.

Its a good start.

It's great to see Metal Gear cartoons with decent artwork, but as far as i'm concerned there's only been one so far with really great humor. Go watch Solid Snake's Day Off!!

It's just lame...were your target audience the 5 year old kids!? Not even funny, and do something with the voice...you made William Hung's singing sound better! There's effort from you though, hence I didnt give a zero for this. Could've been better. Don't ruin Metal Gear's name.

I Liked It Because Im A Huge Fan Of Mgs And Box Scene 4 Was Friggin Hilrious. Omfg That was Funny As Hell. No Offense But The Rest Of The Outtakes Really Sucked Ass.Good Job Make More.

It was very well animated, but the jokes weren't really funny at all, and that's what matters most in a movie like this.

I see that you put alot of effort into this, which is why I didn't give it a 0. Better luck next time.

the jokes are lame

This had good graphics and the jokes looked like they might have been good but they weren't. In fact most of them made absolutely no sence. The acting was horrible I wish the speakers would at least try to sound like snake. Oh well better luck next time.

It was alright... but none of the jokes were really all that funny.

good but not great


Great graphics, great sounds, but man, I saw nothing funny and didn't even smirk through most of the entire Flash. Most of it was just pointless, I've seen funnier deaths in the real game than in this. There are so many more funnier things you could have done that would have been a million times better than this. Screw the box jokes, the whole concept of using the box is dumb enough in the game as it is.

In short, I liked the graphics and the sounds were well used, but that was it. It would almost be better if you did something serious with Metal Gear Solid rather than something humorous.


was terrible it was thre worst thing i have ever seen for mgs

I'v seen my sure of metal Gear Solid parody but this one is differint in a good way i mean guy lifts the box and thers a werid alien worm thing but any way it was great I vote 5.

not good. not bad. i just didn't think it was funny. the rest was ok.

im a great fan o mgs and man that tacks the cake that was so cool man

this is the best metal gear parody ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha

alright the guy before me has no clue what hes talking about ima big metal gear fan and i laughed at this for a while.

man that was poo

very nice :)

i wanna be a singer and dancer you no what i mean



The bit that made me laugh the most was when he fell down the stairs because it was so pointless!
Keep it up!

WTF is wrong wit u !!!!!!!!!!!


P.S nice graphics tho :)

that was kinda gay. good animation but nuthing was funny at all.

Haha nice box jokes but all the rest bit lame

...too short...haven`t you played MGS to the end?

Best part i liked was the clown. Have to say your eye to detail is amazing cause i could tell where each part of the game snake was in easily.

I liked what you where trying to do and the art work was kinda cool. nice one.

The sound the ninja made was kind of funny, and so was Ocelot... I guess it's not completely bad...

There aren't enough MGS flash movies out there. Great addition to Newgrounds, and one of the best MGS flash films I've seen yet.

You made Snake sound like a faggot though. Ocelot too, but he's an annoying prick anyway so I don't care about that. Pretty good graphics, the sound was alright, but the voices ruined it, because they were pretty shit, as I said before. Meh. Try a little harder or something next time if you can.

i loved the visuals, but the acting... when ever some1 makes a MGS animation and does a poor impression of david hayter (snake) it puts the hurt on the animation. you really cant get into it. so heres what im gonna do. ill give you my e-mail address listed here:
E-mail me if your interested in updating snakes voice. i could act out the lines for you! i could also send some samples of my voice. i dont have any at the moment, but i will make some upon request, that will boost the movies quality much much more. Awesome art though. i love the recreations of the great places chosen from Metal gear solid! thanks for making a animation to the greatest PS1 game of all time!

that was pretty funny ok

HaHa gj man that was hilarious but i am curious how that damn clown got inside that box with snake!? oh yeah how could he make a left at the apc and then be up the stair hmmm hmmm how we all know he you take a right to make it to the stairs!!!!

That was cool...it was the funnyest thing next to making fun of crapy flash movies!

You literally burned my gut. Hella funny! Hope you'll do another one.

The art was good... but this was about as funny as staring at a old womans nipples.

I loved it when snaked did that. It was funny as hell man but you need to make to voices sound clearer if you can. Anyway kick ass job.

like the title the only objection i have are the guards, they look like sheit. anyway backgrounds are superb, how long did it take you to make them?

apart from that it could be funnier. have you ever thought of making a tribute rather than a spoof?

I loved the "I love New York" scene, that was great, but your voice acting was lacking volume. Overall, pretty run-of-the-mill.

it rocked.. i love you man


MAKE MORE!!!!!!!!

That Guard with the gun in the first outtake sounded like Butthead....or was it Beavis?...Anyway

I really like that second scene now that was funny!

I dunno, i really think your "outtakes" need a little work.

I really liked how this was thought out(shows your took your time). Voice acting could be a little better for some people like Happy The Clown but overall very good.

lmao i love new york that was so great... though that was the only part funny to me. great job dude. i wish you made a scene selection so i could see the last scene again and again.

The jokes got lamer as the things went on...the first couple were great, but the last couple..especially the last one just...bleh...

The graphics and animations are incredible. The humor was kind of so-so. Still better than 99% of all the other MGS movies submitted.

Great animation buddy, the only problem is that your sense of humor well....... isn't that funny... I mean the only thing that got a chuckle from me was when Snake fell down the stairs.... other than that it was pretty boring... but great character models!

nice job dude really enojoyed this one. I thought the graphics were gr8 and the sound was even better. You certainly pulled off the whole mgs animation and it looked like the game...especially the end. Humour needs a bit of work though maybe some violence and gore would help things out . good work tho.

If only your attempt at comedy didn't suck so bad. You have an interesting drawing style that I liked, but the humor was so damned awful that it made what is normally good in this world seem horrible. Not all the jokes were bad, walking off the cliff, and the ocelot scene was funny. What the hell was with the "I love New York" deal?

Does anyone want some onions?

it was ok...

I especially liked the revolver scene:D

The funniest...and freakies, was the one with the clown. God I hate clowns, Snake was in AGONY!!

Makes me want to dig out the PSOne and play Metal Gear Solid again =P

It was pretty bad until "I <3 NY". ROFL. That was brilliant.

I don't remember Solid Snake sounding like some dumb 5-year-old.

That was really funny! I <3 New York...hahah

that was good do another just not any more clown jokes that one sucked

i love it, its very funny, and also im a mgs fan

I couldn't watch the whole thing. The clown/box joke was killed with the really long screaming. I guess it didn't grab my attention.

Animation was alright, but the voices stunk-- and jokes were horrible.

i liked the idea and it was funny, but that was the worst impreson of snake i have ever heard. othar than that it was good, make another on the twinsnakes theres alot more material out there

Your artwork is very clean but you should work on the characters animtions a little more. It was funny but the jokes could be refined a little more.

Very Funny. I enjoyed this a lot. The game rocked.

metal gear solid is one of the most underrated, and one of the best games of all time, thanks for giving it the credit it deserves in a comical way, i love metal gear solid, and i love NY!

that was great make one for mgs 2

the part of happy the clown is super

Oh just a box.

PS: GREAT! Please make more.

Never hurts to beg. ^-^()

ok this was very well put together. i pretty much enjoyed it for the most part.

It was ok... i think you kinda tried too hard to be funny which is why this flash isnt that hysterical. Graphics were good, but the humour was unoriginal and bizarre.

this was good but it wasnt funny. it was a real good idea though.

Mediocore...not too good, not too bad...kinda lame though. first off, the death treat is not nice...not funny either...but i digress, the voices didn't sound like the characters. the funniest part was prolly Snake falling down the stairs...even that was just a chuckle...again...mediocore...
P.S. NOFX Rocks!

I enjoyed that. Good work.

Good idea, nice work. The only think I don't like is the voice of snake when he talks with the clown, but it doesn't affect the animation. That was great! [I <3 NY?]

Lol, that was the first PlayStation game I ever played, and I remember when I beat it completely for the first time, and unlocked the tuxedo snake feature. That was badass. I remember also getting to see Meryl working out naked. lol, and then taking all of the ghost pictures with the camera and such... that was way too much fun... I haven't played any of the other Metal Gear games after that though, pity... I think I should.

I enjoyed this flash very much. You deserve a 5 rating for your work. Although the "Video Game Parody" theme has gotten a little repetitive lately, you still managed to make this quite humorous. I liked the style of your artwork, as well as the animation as they were both equally good. The voice acting was sort of cheesy at times but I can still tell that you made a bit of a decent effort. The soundtrack from the game came in nicely and gave me a nostalgic feel over the entire presentation. The only recommendation I would have to give you is that it could've used a more violence, but that's still okay.

Keep up the good work! Make more!

No I've never played Metal Gear Solid. But I still like this flash.

If your going to make a spoof of one of the greatest games of all time, at least make it a qualaty one, for instance: the voices sucked, and your animation was a little shall we say... it had what the french call a certain... I dont know what. anywho IT HAS ALOT OF POTENTIAL, its just the biggest mian problem that made it un-funny was the voices. It can still be fixed.

I only really liked the Revolver Ocelot scene. I think it's not a good outtake when outside, random characters appear.

But oh well. That was a fun game.

The happy the clown scene alone gets you a 10 in humor. It could use more outtakes and different voice actors though. I'm giving you a 4

oh man that was great.even if your not a person who has ever played metal gear before your still sure to get tons of laughs out of it.if youve played metal gear before like myself are going to have tons of laughs.keep up the good work man.

The flash was good but there was not enough outakes. And you need to get diffrent voices other than your own, its really easy to tell that it's one person doing all the voices even before you see the credits. And if you do put more outtakes in it, put some in that are from the later parts in the game, all your outtakes are from the very begining, the farthest being Oceolot, which anybody who knows the game and has beat it before can reach in under 10 minutes.

Great movie that is pretty original.

You need to think out your stuff more. The end looked really lazy. The jokes kind of sucked.

What was with the clown? Was it fucking Snake in the ass?

i gave it a 10 in interactivity because i was hiding in a wet box.

good movie

That other guy was crazy everyone knows women are made of sand.

It looked like metal gear but it was crap.

It was funny, but, in small parts. I liked it. I'm a pretty harsh reviewer, so, a 7 from me means better than the vast majority of flashes here. Good job, just add a little more comedy.

i loved the first ever Metal Gear Solid game. It was way ahead of its time. i was happy to see someone make a parody of Metal Gear Solid. I just loved the box scene. (i never did understand why the soldiers didn't find it weird that there is a box laying right in the hallway.)

Some nice stuff in there :D for the filesize it has ^^.

You had potential but you killed it with the voices. Snake does not sound like a 13-year old pubescent teenager, the clown was just plain awful, and the soldiers did not convince me at all.

Work on the sounds and you will do a lot better in your next flash.

That was funny i hope this doesnt get blammed =-)

This is really good, lol, im still laughing at the clown part, that was the funniest part!

its gettin a 5 for sure

the jokes and graphics were really good, but honestly, the voices weren't that good. You need to get Snake and Ocelot to sound more like the way they really sound. besides that it was hilarious.

Ok that was pretty good! Some parts like the end were kinda stupid but overall I had a good laugh. Oh and I must say that when snake finds out that happy is in the box with him and screams... tis one of the greatest screams ever!

Maybe with a better voice acting ... ^^

Even if you made that mistake it was still funny good job I love new york Hahahaha

thanks for not f*cking up MGS. i love it...and this wuz really funny. lol....except u went a lil voer board with the box screaming thing lol. nice work.

but i dont get the whole "happy the clown: i'm in the box with you" and then he scerams for like 5 minutes after he jumps through the deal?!?!?! is he getting fukin raped or sumthing?

The graphics were really nice and as a fan of the game I appreciate the fact that all the maps were accurate and it was nice to hear the game sounds. But, the jokes were pretty lame at best. Work on that and you'll have yourself a fine piece of animation.

I haven't played the game much but this is still great!

Love it, DSX

The voice acting was raly awful thoe u can improve that. I kinda got tired of hearing them say "what" all the time. When he fell off the cliff yelling ahhhh it kinda was over kill.

It made me laugh hehe

Good animation, good graphs, good sound and music, but the jokes where not so good... hope to se a next one though and try to make the jocked a little better... Good Work...

had nice animation but it wasnt funny... sorry dude, but some got it and others dont.

And since I'm such a huge Metal Gear fan, I love this even more, mwah! Excellent flash production!

It was really well done, but as "theutopianking" put it wasn't really funny at all.
I bet you could really make a good sequel to this. If you need a voice for Psycho mantis I can do a pretty good impression too, moowoohahahaha.
Keep up the good work!

this was excellent. great job on the sound and graphics.

That scene with the clown was great, an so was the part with Ocelot. You shuld work on another.

You have animation talent. But I didn't really find it funny at all.

this is hilarious.....I love how he was screaming with the clown:P
I just didn't get the "onion" part,was that just something random to throw in?
please make a part 2,about Sons of Liberty!!!!!!
and about part 3,which isn't out obviously,but the jungle has sooo many things to do!!!!!
this bundle of joy is going into my favorites!

that was some good shit,
you captured the metal gear solid feeling just right. And the codex thingy with the clown, LOL.
how long did it took you to make it?


pure laughs, like more then you would expect from a clown but all the same box ownage .....BOX!

Now THIS is funny.

the second part was the funniest with the clown lol keep it up good humor

very good even though i know bull about solid snake or what ever it is... its really cool.
ans i loved the first box scene and the one with the clown those were the best...
well done!

That was funny! (pip pip tally ho was for no reason)
I've played all metal gear solids, and it's my favorite series. The animatino was pretty good, and so was the art! Some voices you need to work on though.

lol that was realy good, the enviroments nearly looked like the real game, (apart from you missed the airduct on the upstairs part) :p

very funny, uget a 5

I was just about to start smashing myself in the head with a rubber mallet because of the torrent flow of rubbish that has been submitted today, and this one comes along. Nice! The only criticisms I can think of is that 1) sense is spelled with an s not a c. I think poeple need to spell correctly on their taglines, it makes me nuts. 2) Not really for all audiences, violence, esp. the guy getting his arm hacked. But those are MINOR nitpicks, it was great. I've never played MGS and I got it. Hook us up with some more!

I love MGS and you made great outtakes lol. Keep up the good work!

Could have been funnier, or at least had Sniper Wolf....

That is pretty good, I'd say one of the top 5 daily.

lol that was real good...it got a 5...make more of this stuff!


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