Die finds a friend

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Help Die to find some friends by clicking him around!



There was some effort put into this flash, with trying to find this guy friends and having a few options. The graphics were okay but not great. Still, the story was kinda silly. The smoker didn't seem to have a point, and though the military section was better, there wasn't all that much to the story. Having some music would have helped this flash, it was not to easy to concentrate on it.

(title in work)

Eh, I didn't really enjoy this too much. The drawings were really simple, and they didn't look too good. You should really have some shading to give things more character. That being said, this could have also benefited from some better animations. What was there was slow and boring. I died not long into the game, but didn't feel like trying again.

not too good

The drawings were fine, and the animation was okay too I guess but the story was both boring, and just wierd, like who walks around asking people to be their friend, seriously. On top of that, you got real lazy at the end with the pasted on face picture.

Could have been better, the end was stupid

The idea to this seemed nice, a skull kid who doesn't have any friends and wants one, but you didn't do much with it you could have added more story to it and done it in a storybook form. I didn't like the end with him getting plastic surgery and looking different with you using some guy's pasted head as that was completley stupid and it looked it as well.

Decent entry.

There are lots of good things about this flash, there's some interactivity, which is leading to multiple stories, violence, and such.
Along with some decent sounds, and above-average graphics. Somewhat funny as well!
There's nothing spectacular by any means about this, but it's definately better than average.

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2.12 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2000
9:58 AM EDT