Blast-To-Kirby Kit

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VGBGTVS = Videogames bad guys tv shop !
Warning: Kirby will blow IN commerical.
I'm Kirby fan, so that Blast-to-Kirby is only for Video games bad guys, not all...oh movie remake soon...


Your bad english make me many laugh

Humor 10 because words are bad grammar and spelling

It looks like the guy in Manasonic is rubbing that

other dude's nipples...are they gay?

to the guy before me

i would you idiot kirby sux balls

Confusing thing...

Ooook you a Kirby fan making something to get rid of Kirby? Got to say confusing beside who would want to kill the little guy? I mean this sorta is not what i had in mind for a Kirby fan I am not amused by this. Low score for a bad idea to make by me make something that shows how good Kirby is not for people against him!!! PK_RAMPAGE_135 out...


It was interesting and original to see a movie which shows things from the bad guys' point of view. Graphically it was okay, you should try drawing your own graphics instead of using sprites. Sound was 8-bit tunes. I liked them, but others may not. Violence: Kirby gets poisoned, blown up, and stabbed. Interactivity: You badly needed a play button, it caused trouble for n00bs who don't know how to use the right-click menu. Put up some text saying "right-click when it's loaded" or use an actual button to resolve this problem. Humor: I found the movie pretty funny and the original concept helped a lot. I myself am a huge Kirby fan and I liked this. Everyone who took it as a big insult and wants to hurt you over it needs to grow up. :P Nice work. 4/5

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2.47 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2001
4:24 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody