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Life Of The Fishies

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After a Year of Hard Work, I am finally done, I hope you all enjoy it.

EDIT: Wow thanks for all the good votes, keep them comming.

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((( UMM OK )))

Well this was one time the audio was worse then the art, the art needs some work aswell give the fish some color and shading and some detail, and change the music to a more pleasent feel, but its a start...


Hideous Graphics + Horrible Sound = Pretty Funny

The music hurt my ears, and the graphics made me laugh. But I think that was the intention, so it was cool.

I'm not gonna even ask...

Whats with "fishes" all of a suddon? lol! And what the hell are they spitiing out? Blood? LMAO! Make it more intersting Por Favor!

like whoa

if your gonna put some intense metal music in there...add some fucking violence....not bad though


Rofl, it says " Excessive Nudity, Excessive Violence, Excessive Audible Explicit Language, Excessive Textual Explicit Language, Excessive Adult Themes ".

It took you a YEAR to create this? LoL!!!