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I had to do something with my leftover useless clay so I made it into a Jack Lemon Monster and the Squirge battles it. The best hing about this is that there is a scene that noone has done anything like in a claymation and im real prooud of it, it looks great!


((( COOL )))

Well notbad for clay, it ran smooth not like other clay artists movies, and the ending was great with the goo, that snake logo has got to go, i know i told you this before but it should only be at the start and end of the movie, not durring, oh well fun clay-mation...



I'm sorry, but no. Just no. The voices arent funny, the lighting is bad, and the clay isn't molded right. Its just bad.

BTW, get a new logo. That one is like hydrocloric acid for the eyes.

Your a big boy, Put the doe down...

Funny... thats about all that allowed your little cartoon a 7.

killed the little boy lol!

Make better stuff I wanna see more!

Viper-Studios responds:

Well the little boy went up to hug the squirge and on his past history he hasn't been a very good person.

Run, Save your Ass!

The voices are even funnier this time around. Hehe. I like this claymation.

to the last reviewer

i don't think he could match up to knox i mean he could work on the moving on the clay i mean i can't even do claymation. not even a normal stick flash but he could use some work and when he does that, he can problaby match up to knox

Viper-Studios responds:

Hey man im getting there my claymations survive with almost 3's now

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4.07 / 5.00

May 8, 2004
12:18 AM EDT
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