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imp episode 16

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Author Comments

Valentenies episode, submitted a couple days to alte, but ah well..
Roger needs a girlfriend..Oh dear..Not as good as episode 14 and 15, but it does the job


Wow that was great.

I laughed my ass off, and I really laughed when you spoofed an Earthworm Jim episode I remember from when I was six years old. I hope you keep up the good work man, you are my favorite artist on Newgrounds.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

heh, well thanks..I hope i can upload my newest movie today, so that's hopefully funny too then ..:S

beter laat dan nooit

beste roger, ik kijk naar je filmpjes sinds je ' da matrix downloaded ' hebt gesubmitted. na uren in de lach gezeten te hebben dacht ik: ik maak een revieuw van 1 filmpje. ( deze was net zo grappig als de vorige 15 maarja ). als nederlander vond ik de eerste scene erg grappig! ga door! ps: ben je nederlander of belg?

Hey, that was Brill.

Thank god Evil santa and that maths-guy are finally in this episode. And the beginning was hilarious. It reminded me of this game called 'starfox adventures' where at the beginning everyone speaks in a diiferent language making me think that i got it on the wrong language setting but everyone speaks english later LOL. There were a few sound problems. 1. the hitting sound effects get heard too early before the action and 2. there are bits where you don't say anything like at the very end. Anyway, i hope you get on well with that hedgehog girl. Whats her name anyway? Just asking LOL?

RogerregoRRoger responds:

her name is Millie, and as far now there are no episodes planned concerning her, she did make a small appearence in the xmas episode before tough..
Yeah, sounds is screwed up, i know..it was my first episode with stream sound..

Great Episode

Haha, you guys have done it again, and delivered another hilarious episode of IMP. I'm not sure how well it compares to episodes 14 and 15 (since you said it wasn't as good), but I throughly enjoyed it all the same. Santa had a good point at the beginning regarding the intro, but as usual his plans for revenge failed.

Another funny cameo was from Winne the poo, seeing him burn to death was probably the funniest moment in this episode. I didn't expect Roger to get a girlfriend, but it turns out she's a pretty interesting character (her tendancy to lose it in front of Choirs and Jehovas was hilarious).

I don't know if she'll be a permenant character or not, but it'd be good if she was (not many of the female characters have major roles, and she was pretty cool).

The Dutch intro was interesting, although not as good as the main episode (the fight scene and seeing them enter the bar were funny though). The Earthworm Jim bit was funny too, reminded me of the series which was cut short. Another funny scene was the flashback where Zody's friends were torturing him by saying Aliens were invading, and then mentioning Ice Cream.

In all I enjoyed this episode alot, and I never knew how lucky Bustin was (he just whistles and the 3 Sonic girls show up). The ending lacked sound, but it was funny too, so it doesn't really matter.

:Other Business: Roger, when you asked why me living in Britain stopped me from using my voice for my proposed character in IMP, it's because I'm not experienced in recording my voice to a computer (or how to send it to you if I did). Moreover I feel it would just delay the episodes even more, as your friends do their voices, and I assume you've been in contact with them many times (which you've mentioned accounts for the episode's coming late).

Anyhow, It's fine with me if you do my character's voice (or whomever you think could do it best), I'd not want to delay the episodes any longer than necessary by trying to do it myself, and I'm sure you'd do it just fine. Thanks again for agreeing to do my character in one of your IMP episodes, I can't wait to see it (of course I'll still watch and reply to your other episodes too).

You're right on Kirby sounding cute, but my character would sound a little tougher than your average Kirby (but not too much). Well I've said a fair bit now, thanks for a great series, but it sure sucks to be John. :)

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Alright, well great that you liked all that.Just like the other girlcharacters is millie supposed to be a staying character, altough she doesnt make any appearencee for the next couple episodes im afraid..
lots of sound effects got missing for some reason, dunno whats wrong..ah well..
Okay, we'll take care of supersaiyan kirby then, he'll be making a supershort cameo in episode 20, and perhaps some bigger later. But what kinda voice,a omochao one?Heheh, better not, i'll see..
And yeah, John is a bad character to be :D

Not as funny as the others, but good anyways...

Good as always. Tell those voice actors to hurry so we dont have to wait so long for the next one.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

i think almost all main characters did there voices for episode 17 already, but a couple guest characters are still delaying me now..Ill talk to them.. thanks for the review!

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3.86 / 5.00

May 7, 2004
7:41 AM EDT
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