BotArena v0.2 Beta

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Hey all.
Well, I got a lot of requests to update alot of the games graphics, music, sound, programming, and yeah, pretty much everything. So here it is. Also, if your interested in joining the ladder tournament, mail me at thewaste667@hotmail.com . Sorry it took so long.



Nice game! I really loved it! its amazing! Nice concept! Would be nice if you adde armor upgrades too and a 1v1 mode in wich you can control the unit...now going to try to beat last level.

thewasteofwebspace responds:

Hey, glad you enjoyed the game so much. Yeah, armour is definatly going to be added in hopefully the next version. I think im going to concentrate on AI first though, because people seem to want better gameplay over anything else at the moment. thanks for playing


the game would ONLY be good if you can CONTROL the robot 1on1 single game or multiplayer aginst the bots or aginst him/her or an 2on2 game single an bot on your team and 1 you control if that would be......the front page awaits you!

thewasteofwebspace responds:

I dont intend to make much in-game activity, however im probably going to make switches so players can tell their robots behavior to change during a match, in an instance where they may want to pick on a certain weak target, or evade a robot with a huge gun. Thanks for playing and supporting the cause!

I love this!

Really interesting.Buliding your own team of fighting robots.I like this.Good work.

thewasteofwebspace responds:

Thanks for playing. If you like this, your going to love the later additions where the shop is going to be many many times more customizeable.

((( WOW )))

Wow that was great, it has very good intro music, and the interface design was awsome, a very sleek design with great interactive style, i was very impressed, good beta...


thewasteofwebspace responds:

Thanks. glad your enjoyed the game. It took a long time to make that interface, and its not even finished in some parts... :)

Hey buddy...

Why not make a bot game where you can CONTROL the bot?? I'd rather do that than sit and watch it fight. Unless you could, since this seems like a demo, is there a way to control the Bot?

thewasteofwebspace responds:

Because hand controlling 5 (yes, there will be 5 robots to each team in the future) robots at a time would be chaos. Prehaps in later developments players will be able to choose how their robot behaves, but in the meantime, im going to work on their AI.

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3.38 / 5.00

May 3, 2004
9:40 AM EDT
Action - Other