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Hey all.
Well, I got a lot of requests to update alot of the games graphics, music, sound, programming, and yeah, pretty much everything. So here it is. Also, if your interested in joining the ladder tournament, mail me at thewaste667@hotmail.com . Sorry it took so long.



Great idea, I just think that there isn't enough happening. I mean not much for the player to do than mostly watch.

thewasteofwebspace responds:

So ive heard. most people either love or hate this game... but yes, the games playability will be improved in later releases. thanks for playing

oh man

I just spent over 4 hours playing that game...
a few quick ideas:
1. sound toggle button (I'm not a big fan of the music you chose, so I just turned it off!)
2. More stuff to buy (the idea's you listed in the reponse sounded great, but also, you might want to think about making upgrades availible for all elements of the bots, ie propulsion, targeting, range, and CPU IQ so that maybe they wouldn't kill themselves on the walls!)
3. some "gimmick" arenas (arena's where there would be some sort of traps set, or extra wall sections put in or something)
4. NPC's. Has anyone played Death car rally? one of the coolest thing about that game was when you prefomed an action (ie killing all of your oppnents) and afterwards an NPC (in this case death himself) would ethier reward or punish you.
5. colour scheme just let me pic the colour of the light on my bot, please! i would like the colour green if it isn't too much trouble. Still, that game was great fun! I can't wait for another version!!!

thewasteofwebspace responds:

Whoa daymn... 4 hours! I should be thanking you for being such a devoted fan...
Thanks for your ideas! of course there will be a sound toggle button, there will be (hopefully) hundreds of items to chose from, as I have listed before, and the weapons will range in all aspects, such as range, accuracy, damage, etc). I really like the idea of the gimmick arenas... like with traps and money pickups. thanks! And I think you mean death rally... that was a magnificent game. Good ol' death used to come all the way from hell to thank me for kickin ass... haha. The colors are already added and editable in the game-- i just never made controls for players to change them :P but yeah, thats done. thanks again for being such a great fan.


the names dont stick no matter what i do and u have no real control over the bots like commnads or give them directions not that i mind but they all look the same maybe a color or maybe different forms ^^* but i like it

thewasteofwebspace responds:

Oops. I just noticed that. Thanks, I can see in my code where I screwed up too. Hopefully in later additions of BotArena, when players are able to buy and customize their robots processors (improving pathfinding and AI), players will be able to also choose a script for their robot to run, one in development is "bully", which tells the robot to target the weakest robot in range, as apposed to the closest.
thanks for playing!

robot wars but cool

plz plz plz work on this more it rules.

thewasteofwebspace responds:

hey. thanks for playing. glad you enjoyed the game.


it was very good. Some things you could add is naming your bots, weapons like saws or spears, different kinds of bots,or being able to build your own bot. looking forward to the full version!

thewasteofwebspace responds:

You can name your bots -- only I screwed up something in the code which doesnt let it save them after each round so your right, its kinda pointless. And the later versions will allow players to buy sheilds, weapons, processors and auxillary chips, even other bots (such as 'hornets') to follow them around.
thanks for playing

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May 3, 2004
9:40 AM EDT
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