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Soul Defiance

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Author Comments

UPDATED: I put a link to the AVI version right in the Flash, hoping more people would notice it. That should take care of everyone complaining about the lip syncing problem since it runs PERFECT in the AVI version. Here me? PERFECT.

Other things to think about:
- I realize the problem with the bullet, I just didn't bother to fix it because it would've taken too long (I would've had to reanimate the whole scene to make it synch again..). So deal with it.
- My character DonVito was designed 4 years ago. I did NOT rip it off of some gay MTV show

I learned a lot doing this.. Not only about Flash but about movie making in general. Hopefully I've learned enough that I can make the actual series a hit when it's time to bring it out. Anyway, enjoy this for now.

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Good, but could have been better.

While this may not be up to par with what Egoraptor and Andrew Dickman have posted here, but for what you have here is better than the stuff that Arrogancy, Tyler Gibb, and those motion comic authors have submitted. As for those complaining about the lip sync being off, consider watching this in low quality instead of watching the AVI file. With that out of the way...

Graphically, the artwork looks like Keiji Inafune's style and it looks better than Arrogancy's uninspired art. The character animation may be tweened, but you put them to good use along with flash gradients and 3D. However, when the bullets were fired out of the gun, they were still in their casings, which looks stupid. You need to pay attention to that because people will notice that like a really crappy paint job. Soundwise, you did a good job on the selection of music, even if it's just one song. However, the voice work is bad and really sullies what could have been front page material. Then there's the content, which is also a mixed bag. On one hand, you have a fight that moves at a good pace, and a bit of a story. On the other, there wasn't much of that story and the pace that it went could have been a bit quicker. Now, I know not everything needs to be like Stick Slayer, but slow pacing hurts story and character development. Plus, you might want to learn how to optimize your flash, because while 2.8 megabytes may be acceptable, something like this could have easily been one-and-a-half to two megabytes.

What I liked:
-Nice art style
-Good animation
-Clever use of 3D and gradients.
-Passable diologue and music selection.
-Good plot so far

What I didn't like:
-Bad voice acting
-Could have used more story development, but that's what sequels are for.
-Uneven pacing

Overall: Even though I liked this, it still needs a few improvements here and there. Here's an eight out of ten, and you might want to get Billy Cass (DragoonFenix15) back here if you continue with this series.

A masterpiece

I loved this cartoon and it is too bad this did not get the recognition of a lot of other cartoons. It seemed so disappointing that there were only trailers to this, but I am glad there was an actual full fledged flash movie too. While only one cartoon, it does really give you a lot of time to get into these character's heads. It is not just an actiony cartoon, but something that has a lot of depth and character development to it. I am so sad that you seemingly stopped making flash after this submission. Hey, if you ever make another one, I would love to do voices!

Blue sphere

Its several years old but I still love it Irreg. <3

hmmm never seen a bullet like that

lol im sorry but the bullet thing made you look like a total idiot but i laughed so hard im glafd u did it LOL

Fanewgie responds:

Read the movie description. But since you didn't...

I was misinformed during the scene's production and no one pointed out the flaw to me until the whole was almost complete. Since I was working under a deadline, I didn't have time to go back to remodel and reanimate the scene.


great! hehe, you go to my school! :D


I miss Mr.Canaday D:

Fanewgie responds:

Did Mr. Canady leave or have you just graduated too?

It sucks, I can't even get through to him with e-mail anymore. I think they installed some bogus controls. Good ol' PMHS. -_-

Credits & Info

4.18 / 5.00

May 2, 2004
4:04 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place May 3, 2004