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Pibbles the Wizard: ep 1

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YO This is my first fantasy flash story i hope u enjoy its about a peaceful wizzard attacked by a dark wizzard with the powers of dark magic


Oh dear...

You're new to flash so I'll give you a break, but really, you couldn't even be bothered to put in legs or arms. I can understand some people have certain styles where the eyebrows arent attached to the face or there are hands and no arms, but really, no legs is just lazy. Also, there were no expressions, and there was no storyline, + no voices, and also you could see the white bits where your backgrounds didnt quite fit on the page. Also, making your characters transparent isnt a good idea. Touch up your graphics with some shading. Apart from that, good try, not enough effort.

okay then

That seemed like a good start to something really fun, but the fight scene lacked and the to be continued thing...well that just plain pissed me off but i forgive you.

DBZish with a twist.

The best part of the animation was the tree shadow effect at the begining. But after they started fighting it reminded me of DBZ except slower... There was also this anoying white line on the bottom of the screen the whole time... Anyway its a great start and I hope to see you get better as you go on, like we all do.

Not the newest Idea...but ok.

There are a lot of FF flashes coming out right now, and this is not one of the better ones. It wasn't horrible, but it could use some work. I still gave it a 3 becuase it was pretty smooth and the sound synched up pretty good. Maybe adding some characters and a little exciting story line will help out the score for the continuation in the series.

If you want to make a deceint FF series, just try to better your animation and plot....that's what FF flashes are all about basically.


Why? no really...why? I mean come now this is crap and you know it, first off we looked through what were supposed to be shadows but looked like shit stains, second why is the evil wizard trying to kill the good one plot would be nice... and finally why are you copying DBZ? I mean its all been done...

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Credits & Info

2.15 / 5.00

May 2, 2004
10:59 AM EDT