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Pibbles the Wizard: ep 1

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YO This is my first fantasy flash story i hope u enjoy its about a peaceful wizzard attacked by a dark wizzard with the powers of dark magic



It ws good not great but good. i cant wait to see what happens . if the goood or evil wins. but why is the evil after the good wizz that is somting that could be shwn in the next flash like say a flash back. or is because he's just evil and hates the good, but honestly thats kinda lame. We need meaning.


The trees look like poop with fungus growing on top.it coulda have been longer and you coulda made a point to it before u made it like a story line.


Nice work, coulda been longer, Im thinking of DBZ when i watch this??? Nice Though.

More please?

Even though this movie is episode one, it could have been longer. The graphics could have been better for a low-rez movie(correct term?). There could also be more plot. Mabey this should have been episode 4, and going back to the other episodes could actually be better than the origionals. *cough*StarWars*cough* The sound could have been softer too. Try yarder next time.

Not horrible, but not well-done

This is definitely a video that you could've refined much more. For starters, the piano music was VERY very piercing, not nice to listen to at all. Maybe if you softened the sound, or just did some other music,that would be better. Sound effects seem pretty disjointed, and the video just doesn't flow well. The wizard walks for a bit too long, and doesn't really have limbs to speak of. If that's what you want for style, then that's fine.

The animation could be a lot smoother, and cleaner. ALso, wizards do DBZ? maybe not. Nice try, but you can definitely do better.


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2.15 / 5.00

May 2, 2004
10:59 AM EDT