This movie is ancient

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EDIT 04/12/07: Holy crap, I have improved a lot since this flash. Also sorry about the rude responses, obviously I can't trust my friend Joe with my account : /


A very basic film. The graphics should be improved and it needs more comedy.

A man takes a deadly bungee jump...or a dangerous drive home. The art is abysmal, looks like something drawn in MS Paint. The sound is sparse, and pretty bad as well. The plot could have been humourous but it was rushed and ended up flawed. A plus point is the little bit of interactivity at the start. Overall pretty dreadful though.

Not to much to say, the audio fit in very well with the flash and the voice acting was very well done and humorous even though it was only a single line. Some decent effort and kind of funny humour put into this.

First of all, the length was so short that there wasn't even really enough time for this to be amusing or funny, especially since it was just brain dead violence of someone jumping off a cliff. There's no cleverness or even a real plot to it, the character qualities are quite bad and could use a lot of extra effort. The frame rate was poorly slow for me and the sound could have even used some improvements.

A decent attempt at an enjoyable flash but overall it's just brain dead violence without enough length, quality or any decent humour for it to be enjoyable or even have a replay appeal on the viewer.


This movie is indeed ancient
the graphics were terrible but the audio compensated

maybe the low quality ads some charm

oooh like final destination

you die no matter what you do XD awesome.

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1.53 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2000
10:25 PM EDT
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