Author Space: Ep.100 Pt 2

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You'll STILL have to read my sprite comic "Author Space" to know where a lot of this comes from...

And watching the first part to this movie would help, too.


Class SS work

you should have big the cat as a target as well

kick ass!

your movie was so awesome! i almost fell out of my chair laughing! i hope you make more movies like this one!

Very Awesome Special

First off, I appreciate you using, AND crediting me for my "Skull Castle Deep Dungeon" arrangement. I wasn't expecting that at all, as I know there's tons of better music out there.

Anyway. . . This is a really kick-ass movie you've made, here. Big, too, but very kick-ass. The graphics -- both sprited and drawn -- are well done, and the sounds and music are perfect for whichever scene they're used in, though the voices seem a bit lacking at times. . .(Especially Wily.) The violence is kind of a mix of cute cartoon violence and random robot brutality, which is always a plus, and there's jokes aplenty overall. Finally, this is definately original, even though it keeps a fairly constant familiarity within.
Overall, this is a very good mixed sprite and drawn movie. Anyone who's a fan of. . .well. . .just about ANYTHING, from Sprite Comics to Video Games to anime. . .would definately enjoy this movie.

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Cream got OWN3D

The secound part rocks when Sapphire blasted Cream with her Hellfire Flash. And Jen freaked out when Cream threw all of her Dr.Pepper. I can't wait for the 200th Episode.^_^

Creme deserves to be beaten,she sucks!

Creme's revenge ends in failure as Sapphire hits her with her hellfire flash attack. (wicked!)
I hated to see that Goliath ride armor go. I believe Jen really liked that thing, even after Dr. Robotnic modified it. Creme should really pay for that one! After she threw away all of Jen,s Dr.Pepper. I really like Dr.Pepper! I had a friend at woodrow wilson rehab, center who loved it and called it his quintecence juice. I will never forget those pleasant memmories. This movie ends with style and I give it a 5 rating vote and a 5 star rating! hope to see episode 200!

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3.96 / 5.00

May 2, 2004
2:48 AM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place May 3, 2004