Author Space: Ep.100 Pt 2

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You'll STILL have to read my sprite comic "Author Space" to know where a lot of this comes from...

And watching the first part to this movie would help, too.



WHEN THAT STUPID RABIT SAYS:''i´m free i´m free at last'' I WANTED TO KILL, I'VE GONE CRAZY I COT A CUN ANT PLOWED MYE DOG HEAD GOAS OUT ANT MAED TE ULTIMATE THESRUCTAION(this was a dramatizasion so it never happnd ,Did Jen used the Jen Special?)

Even better! I love battle scenes!

Megaman bosses get 0wnz0r3d and stupid fighter guy hits allies lol. and as much as i like Ivo 2.0, i agree he would get his head handed to him by Cream being as hand-cannon did not get rid of it. But the all-powerful and all beutiful fiesty Saphire took her out and the whole fortress too! w00t! Rabbit stew tonight!

awsome ness

your like the legend of comic and flash plus your good and hold on..... i see girl type ranma hold on for a sec.
Ray:Rankooooo (clings to girl type ranma) be my wife.
Girl type ranma :Ahhh let me go GET OFF.
Ray:Comon ranko plzzzz.
girl type ranma:Stop calling me ranko and say this one more get off.
Ray:NOOooo i wont let goo ranko and The O.M.A your 1# to me.(Hugs Ranko)
girl type ranma: plz someone help this boy is huging me and clinging to me plz stop he reminds of some one of my past.
ray: here ranko (gives kiss to ranko lips)^-^
girl type ranma:i got kiss (try to get ray to stop huging her)


That were nicely done. I liked it all.
P.S. What's up with the Psyguy site because it won't let me on?


Man author space rox even more now! I love the voices (Although jen...if that is your real name...yours was a tad bit scratch in part 1...) but ivo's was easily the worst....and im now waiting for a little grey fox to come in my room and murder me horribly...

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May 2, 2004
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