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Hello Newgrounds, long time no see...
From the creator of "Aura" comes a brand new [quite old by now, actually..] flash production - SMILE! .
What was to be quick side project turned into a beast that took me over 3 months... Three months of forsaking and returning, three months of occasional work suicides and sleepless nights...

as always, NOTE: May not be liked by everyone, but was never meant to be liked by everyone. If you're here only to watch funny mario parodies, then you can skip this movie now.

Enough nagging. Watch the movie.

(There are quite many people that get confused by the ending. Just to let you know - yes, it's supposed to be the way it is. )



because the smiley is black, you really feel it isn't a smile of happiness but of dictatorship.Like Blackhorseman below me said
the judges are all archetypical and if you don't fit to annyone of these, you're put out of "the system"

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Metaphors as Language Figures

I can't really say if it was the intention of the creator of this content, but I'll say what I got from it.

Being judged is a figure, aparently younger than the judges who have, at first three characteristics.

1 - Are always smiling in a distubingly equal way
2 - Are archetypical (jock, sexy slut)
3 - Have the power to judge and hurt the other when he doesn't fit.

As I got it, it is a metaphor for what society requires us: to fit, to be mechanized and smile and get into the fun. The orgy of the robotized only makes it even clearer to me that those people condoned in an almost irrational way to the violence commited against the young being pierced across the room.

Have you never felt it? Pain for having to conform, to smile when you didn't want to? Pain for having to rape your values to keep a job? Not to dress or speak the way you like in other to please someone you don't give shit about?

In that moment you were like that guy, desperatly trying to laugh while dying.

Also, the soudtrack kicks ass. :)

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ENDING LOL But The Begining Suckes

man im dead if this robot thingy get me

man to say the truth i cant smile a thing even my gf cant make me smile but i thing in this world make me smile and that is the ending part of this video

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May 1, 2004
9:12 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature May 3, 2004
  • Weekly 2nd Place May 4, 2004

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