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God Gets High

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This is my second movie of all time. It is a music video to the song "What If God Smoked Cannabis?" to the tune of "What If God Was One Of Us?". It's pretty funny...God gets pissed at the end!


bad grapics good story.

really bad graphics but it was a good song even though it was gay.

Gave it a six because I love that song

Other than that, it wasn't that great. To everyone preaching how this is offensive and shit, be the fuck quiet you hypocritical morons. You come to newgrounds and don't expect to be offended at least once? It's your own fault. You want to be able to express your belief in a god, fine. Then don't bitch when people express their own believes. You can't have it both ways. Before you go crying about, "Oh this is so offensive to us christians, you are going to hell!" maybe you should think that your so called god gave everyone free will, so right there it is their right under your own religion to make this, and not only that but if you have the right to believe in god then they have the right to disbelief or question what would happen if "god" smoked a joint every now and then.


i cant really say alot of good about this, other then it was funny and had style to it.

To all of you out there preaching ur asses off about " ur going to hell", and "why waste ur soul" all i say to u is: to each his own. if god made cannibus he made it for a purpose, so far that purpose is to be smoked haha. and maybe he tried it to test if it was good or not? haha nayway im just clowning so dont go all " ur going to hell"

and yeah its also funny when a bunch of so called christians come out and say " GO TO HELL MUTHERFUCKER!" hahahahaha.

but yeah not a good movie, substabdard everything except humor and style.

BTW: if you all hate ppl like this so much, go bag on Robin williams, he did a whole segment on " if god got high"

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Not bad. It is a good song. :)

To the previous poster, it is NOT done by "Weird Al" Yankovic (who happens to be one of my favourite musicians, so I know).

It is actually done by Bob Rivers' Twisted Tunes. There are a lot of parodies there that are wrongfully credited to Al.

If you want to know Al's stuff, do research on his official site. :)

the artist's name is weird al yankovich

you should change that , because the guy actually has albums in stores and not putting his name could be grounds for sueing you :)

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1.28 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2000
9:50 PM EDT
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