Passion Of The Christians

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Crazy people react crazily to The Passion of the Christ. That's about it.


haha now THATS offensive

im a christian. sure the passion is emphasizes a bit too much on Jesus's death and is a bit overrated, but i really couldnt decide what to think. so i could go either way here, and this cartoon against the movie expresses a good point of view while still being funny. good job, and i hope tons of people are offended because thats how life fucking goes

im sorry but this sucked

this movie isnt the first to point out the jews killed jesus, they just didnt have american accents in this film, i have seen worse flash animations but you only seemed to make this to piss people off, I found it relatively funny, im a chrsitian but this didnt bother me too much, im loving the nazi idea at the end, but hitler wasnt a christian or a satanist, he was just an atheist who followed the teachngs of charles darwin( and i do realize that isnt supposed to be hitler, just mel gibson) but there is a huge difference between christians and nazis

EricSullivan responds:

Man, I was really hoping the opening line, "Some will find this movie offensive, I just don't who.", whould've explained everything to everyone watching it.

Maybe a bit too vauge?

LMFAO! ! !

OMG, that had to have been the finniest thing I have ever seen, "You'll Fuckin' see that Passion and Like it You little Fuck!" That is on my phone and I listen to it OMG NICE JOB!!


i'm a jew but i will not hold that aginst you so i'll give you 5
'cause the movie was great.

omg, lol

this was great. See, I'm Christian and I wasn't offended at all. I just think this is the truth about the way movies are. It was a movie, it wasn't necessarily something to go nuts about. Anyway, this was pretty funny! Especially the part where Mel Gibson did the Hitler voice! I love it! Omg, all my 5 r belong to eric Sullivan!


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Apr 29, 2004
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