Passion Of The Christians

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Crazy people react crazily to The Passion of the Christ. That's about it.


Not that impressive

I laughed a few times but the rest was just... WTF?

EricSullivan responds:

You should see my brother's movies.

hey, a bad movie in the religion section, zomg.

so, you say its not a rip-off of the south park episode because you wrote the script a week before it huh? well, it might just be my memory going down the drain but i seem to remember batman begins coming out about a year and a half after the south park "passion of the jew" episode, and thats in your script.

but anyway, now for the constructive criticism

graphics: pretty bad, kind of reminded me of those cartoons that are blammed all the time in the portal, so you should probably practice more before submiting on your next entree, but being that this was on the front page, it might just be my opinion

Style: totally unoriginal, as i quoted earlier, and it might be a coincidence that the south park episode was "passion of the Jews" and this is "passion of the christians" but i doubt it, so next time, try to think of your own ideas.

Sound: that same voice over and over again really starts to get irritating after a while, i hear that there is software out there that can alter your voice, and in your case, itd be a good idea to go out there and buy it.

Violence: well, there was alot, but it was so poorly drawn that it was almost agonizing to look at, and pointless violence is only sometimes a good thing, and in this case, as you can see by your score, this time it wasnt.

Interactivity: being that this is a movie and not a game, this category doesnt really apply.

Humor: can you say, im trying to be funny when im not? yeah, i think that pretty much sums it all up.

So overall your score was a zero, imagine that, well, i hope you do better next time, and if you dont, i just hope itll stay off the front page.



EricSullivan responds:

Oh, I love the ones who think they're a smart ass.
You do know Batman Begins had a huge following, with tons of people waiting for the movie to come out (myself included)? I made the movie when Batman Begins was just on paper and everyone and they're mother were picking up every little tiny bit of info for that movie before it came out.
And it you still don't believe me, just take a look at the date the flash was released on this site, dumbass.

Now, as for the comments on the movie, I'm not even going to defend this POS anymore, because I really do think this is one of my worst movies.
The only thing I can say to you is to watch my newer work and stay away from my old.


this was exactly like South park's: The Passion Of The Jew. lol

So so true

So so true and so funny to watch. Anything to piss off those evangelical pricks who try to stop me havin fun!

Great work!

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That is so true.

During the time The Passion came out, everyone was Jesus Crazy. Now I thought his was wrong because everyone should be Jesus Crazy even if the movie never came out (I am not saying this to those people with other religions who don't belive in Jesus because I am christian). Other than that, that was a great movie. Funny, mean, and offensive.... Just how I like it.


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Apr 29, 2004
6:40 AM EDT
Comedy - Original