Passion Of The Christians

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Crazy people react crazily to The Passion of the Christ. That's about it.


LOL Great stuff

YEAAAHH!! That was soo fucking funny! Lmao! Hail satan!!! Fuck christianity!!!

EricSullivan responds:

Satan isn't real. :p

Holy Jeezitz!

That movie was great. An' to all you out there who keep giving this movie crappy grades just because it makes an ass out of Christianity, why do you keep flocking to these movies? I laugh my ass off at every one of your mindless reviews.

The reviews are as funny as this flash!

Woah, I read ALL the reviews,watched the flash,never laughed so hard in my life! Seriously, if you "Christians" want to be taken seriously, learn to spell! Satin?! Never have I been so afraid of fabric before,cristian? WTF?! Nice job! *Disclaimer* Minty-fresh's opinions are just that, opinions. Just because she laughed at the whole "Satin" thing doesn't mean she's anti-Christian. Sorry, she doesn't get out of her cage very often.

Don't cwy, Ewic! *pats shoulder*

You can be good at satire if you just believe in yourself...! XD

Only joking, man, this is brilliant. You've always been good at delivering violent, kinda twisted, but still hilarious and pretty insightful satire: and this is a great example of this, I laughed my ass off. The video ending was totally unexpected, and made it even funnier. ("Buy me a beer, bitch!")

Damn stupid Christian films to hell, and...oh, wait... XD


i always new it would lead to christians killing all us non-beleivers

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3.08 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2004
6:40 AM EDT
Comedy - Original