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just another flash movie

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okay, i needed a break from my work on soad - metro , so i created this little flash film, it's pretty funny


cool and funny!!!

I gotta admit: that was pretty good and funny for a video made out of bordum...

good job man!

Very funny at end and load screen

I 4t wtf??? before the end but then wiv tha mushroom cloud and the OMFG it's done loadin i gave it a 10!!!

Oh, Mike.

What a funny clip. It reminds me of the starting of Men In Black (but without Danny Elfman music.) It also reminds me of (good) original Flash on Newgrounds, very basic, good graphics, and short. I like it.

This is kind of sick

the persom that gets out of the car looks like an 7 year old boy. That is sick and more twisted then is acceptable for something that is public access, with out a disclaimer. you should have used a pic of a man (a public enemy perhaps) or just animated one. The pic just lowered the quality of the animation anyway.

boardermike responds:

damn, its a 12 year old kid that lives nearby, he loves this movie!

Curiosity killed the cat

aww man i was hoping when he fell of he would have gone splat... that would have been cool.........where can i get me a car that has a nuclear explosion when it blows up

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3.01 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2004
9:52 AM EDT
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