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Dbz Fight For Life

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Author Comments

i hate dragonball now!! i thinks its retarded!!
This file is a flash parody, it's mainly two guys going at it in the street and all of the sudden a Super Saiyan fight breaks out.


Every needs to just shut up

You don't rate things for their opinions, u rate for how well the cartoon was made, and he did a decent job on a flash, and so waht if he hates DBZ, doesn't mean he can't post an opinion. He did a great job on the style of moving the fighters, and it was funny to see how if he didn't say he was making fun of DBZ, nobody would hate this flash. There wasnt that much that was making fun of it, so everyone start rating on the movie and not his opinions. Anyways, i liked how they can get hurt by bullets and ninja stars and not get hurt but with a punch they die, just like the show. I think you just need to work on your sound and a little more background features then you will be getting some higher scores.

ok ill say this

its good that you did put it up but why do you hate dbz


Nnf! You people! They aren't DBZ characters! If you bother to read the Author Comments, it says they are "two guys going at it in the street". IT NEVER SAYS THEY ARE DBZ CHARACTERS! The reason the "DBZ" part of the title is in there is because they become Super Saiya-jins. BUT THAT'S IT! ARGH!

Anyway, about the actual review. Yeah, I thought it was pretty good. I always love stickmen fighting movies, and the animation was cool. Also, I love the special effects towards the end. It was kinda short though... and it didn't really make me think "WHOA. COOL." But, it was pretty good.

sdkskdsd responds:

Yeah Man Thanks For That

That was quite impressive

I love Xiao Xiao fight flashes and this one was preety cool. I just think you need to create some more story, improve the background image and make it bigger. U got talent, just have to put some more effort in it

sdkskdsd responds:

Thanks man!!! i have got talent but this movie is stolen!!

Hey dude, that was great!

That was some nice animation there man! I liked the little body explosion at the end, that was neat. if you wanna check out a Dragonball piss-take, check mine out, its called Chinchilla XZ. Anyways, well done :)

sdkskdsd responds:

i like your chinchilla movie....NICE

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2.21 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2004
12:34 PM EDT
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