imp, episode 15

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the final part of the 2 parter, all short stories coming to an end.Be sure to watch episode 14 before hand, otherwise it might be confusing now



Henke is the greatest!! i want too see henke in action more!! imp is another unrated falsh series on newgrounds!! argh it´s the greateset!! but whta happned too the icream dood!

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Henke?Who is Henke? Ice cream dude, thats zody.In episode 14, we all got our own storyline, and zody is the only one whos storyline ended already in episode 14.Hell be briefly back in episode 16, but wont make a big role anymore untill episode 20..So that will take a while..^_^;

Haha, a fine way to finish the 2-parter

It's your first IMP submission to Newgrounds since Sonic and other Madness 3 and IMP the Clown, and I'm glad to say you guys are as funny as ever. Every part of this episode was funny, be it H Hog's 7up battle (I remember that drink, haven't seen it in ages) or Morphman's lesson at Villain school (way to lay the smackdown on that Power Ranger), or even Roger taking out Bob Saget (you don't have many good roles in IMP, but that was a funny one).

Yeah, this series is definately one of my favourites on Newgrounds, which reminds me of your offer in the reply to my review to IMP episode 8 - Movie part.

I'd be honoured to feature in this series, but sadly I couldn't really help with the character, development or voices (since I live in England). You guys do really funny/good jobs with your characters, so I wouldn't mind how my character came out. If you did make him, all you'd need to know on how do draw him is he looks like a yellow version of Kirby (might be a little hard to do since you do mostly Sonic-type and human/humanoid animal characters).

If you want to talk more about this, I'll add my reply at the end of my review for your next flash movie. Well I'll look out for your next flash movie, keep up the hilarious work.

Favourite quote:
Goku: Aaahhhh!!!
Piccolo: Wow, he is strong.
Goku: Aaahhhh!!!
PiccoloL: Wow, he is really strong.
Goku: Aaahhhh!

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RogerregoRRoger responds:

Hentaiboy was out for a couple weeks due to school problems, thuss the big delay on episode 15.Roger is the most boring character of the serie because, ..well, he is based on me.THe only one who cant fight and usually just falls down..Glad you liked him in this episode, since episode 16 will have a whole lot of Roger, since i am the main character in that one. So you are just a yellow Kirby eh?No fancy goku style haircut? and his clothes? ..Hmm, dont worry that i cant draw kirby.I bought MANY videogames in my life and dumped all the instruction manuals in a huge drawer next to my computer.During dumbmovie i just grabbed a couple booklets from time to time and drew those characters in the background all the time.Offcourse, i also have a kirbygame, kirby 64, so i have a good example of him.Hmm, but what does England have to do with not being able to do voices and stuff?We are called international moron patrol, meaning Bustin is from Florida, Hebtaiboy from canada, Zody from Wales, me and hhog from Holland and Henrik from Sweden. We actually never saw each other in person(not even Hhog and i who live in the same countrie(but in opposite ends) but offcourse, i gladly do your voice, i know how kirby sounds..cute..Well, ill see if i can put kirby in episode 19(the one im working on currently) cya till next episode!

The subtitles?!

It's so poorly drawn, but then at the same time it's so good that drawing it better would only make it worse! I dunno what all your critics are thinking, this is great! You should have stuck with the original intro though. This ones ok and all but, I miss seeing Roger fall out of the window. I also kinda miss the bad subtitles, the old horrableness of them was cute ^-^ Oh well, minor things, it's still really great! Don't go changing anything for me, what do I know anyway! I'm not worthy!

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RogerregoRRoger responds:

Normally i always listen to reviewers, specially if they give a 9, but indeed, with 2596 people saying i should improve, and 1 saying i shoulld go worse, the choice will be difficult.Whats so good about the new subtitles, in my opinion they never changed, except there all black n white now and keep changing font all the time...
The intro was changed because 3 reasons:
1)A new era with a new drawingstyle
2)Lots of characters werent in the intro
3)Zody kept bugging me about changing it(and he is slowly starting to bother me for a 3th one..)
Thanks for your review!

its alright

it's ok, but it was nothing special. i did however like the 7up scene, that was pretty sweet. maybe spend a little more time on animation next time. other than that, good flash

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RogerregoRRoger responds:

curiously enough, i am spending more time on animtion lately.See Imp, the clown for prove.Thanks for your review, till next time

pretty good

another great movie and a continuation of this funny series. good job dude.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Doing my best, and thanks for your support!

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Apr 24, 2004
5:06 AM EDT
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