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All Your Crack

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***UPDATE- Woah, can't believe this is still here, i made it along with a bunch of other crap that sucked, Lol =) ***
I was bored so I created a stupid song, but I was still bored so i created a stupid cartoon. . . and what did it come out to? A really stupid flash movie! All Your Crack. . . Robert Downey Jr. rules! Hope you enjoy. . .

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I was pretty disappointed by this. I mean, the sound effects were really bad. It was just the same voice over and over. I have seen much better "All Your Base" parodies than this. It is nice to look back at how awesome Robert Downey Jr. is now! Seriously, "Iron Man" and "The Avengers" are two of the best superhero movies ever made!

The voice got annoying. It just needed to have more going on. At least it was unique. I don't know if this was ever that popular to begin with. It isn't for me.

The fact that, ten years later, Robert Downey Jr. has cleaned up his act and became uber-successful at Iron Man/Sherlock Holmes makes this all the more hilariously brilliant.

Still Funny after all these years

I will never forget when i first saw this, I still laugh my ass off to this

Haha randomly funny

Haha ok this was funny and just think all these years now he is the iron man hehe, but anyways this was funny abit random but still funny

I like it as is

Crack of a movie



funny song, but the video was terrible.