Final Fantasy A+

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I submitted this as my final in high school for Japanese, so all the voices are done by me. To all you native speakers - please excuse my awkward intonations. :)

Music from FFV and FFT, sound effects from various Genesis games.

P.S - Sorry, I don't intend to make this into a series. I'd rather not continue something I feel is complete.
Also, for those of you interested, Pensuke's victory cheer is "Yahho, watashi wa kattaze~!"


1) What grade did you get for this?
- I recieved maximum credit for the final and aced the class.

2) How long did this take you?
- The project took about 2-3 weeks, with breaks only for eating, sleeping, and school, so it was actually a good many hours. I actually couldn't finish by the end of the semester, and had to get a deadline extension.

3) How did you do all those voices?
- Sound Forge was used to alter some of the voices. There is no way I could make my voice as low as Ramuh's or as warbly as Cid's. Others like Ryu-sensei's were attained through raw, painful effort.

4) What kind of class makes you do these things for a final?!
- The original assignment was to present an oral autobiography. I requested special permission to make a movie. My teacher isn't anything like the one depicted in this title - she's actually a good-natured woman.

5) Will you make a game of this?
- I might. It's looking pretty bleak, though. If I do produce one, it'd probably be in the fashion of FF Tactics (or FFV) and follow Pensuke to Sabaku University. Go Sabotenders~!

6) Why don't you make a sequel of this?
- I've seen enough titles go bad because the producers made sequels to please the crowd. Games, on the other hand, are a different story.

7) Can you teach me Japanese?
- Nope; I'm a student, not a teacher. If you're desperate enough, you can try looking for free online lessons or something. They're bound to be there.


Ha Ha Ha... Very Creative

Ya know, that was very creative and funny for a FF fan. Keep up the good work. I like the way how you take something you know, in this case Final Fantasy, and turn it into something pretty funny and creative. Keep up the good work :-)

Very, very good.

This has got to be one of the most original Final Fantasy style flash movies I've ever seen.
Brilliant drawing style, very smooth animation, and some nice humour as well. It must have taken weeks. If not, months.
As for the voice acting, I thought it was great. Fit extremely well, no problems there. Oddly, I don't usually watch subtitled movies, but in this case it worked so well, I didn't care- it was just brilliant.
As for the storyline... it was great. Very funny indeed. Who wouldn't want to blast through tests (and the entire school), Final Fantasy style?
I sincerely hope you got high marks for this- I'd say it deserved the A+ from the title.
And keep posting your work up on here! This is absolutely great- I'd love to see more (And so would most of Newgrounds, by the sounds of the responses you're getting here).


dude i love that you should do more stuff like this

I hope You get one!

Final fantasy A+ = A+... other that that I am speachless

Awsome, felt like watching Anime

You know you have a hit when you forget you're watching a flash movie, and think your watching some Anime comedy and laughing your ass off. I really think this should make it into the top 10.

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Apr 23, 2004
2:26 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
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