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Dimension X: Episode 5

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*fixed the remote at the end, sorry about that.

ok, i know its been a LOOOOONNNG time since the last episode of DX (don't worry, ive included an intro for those who havent seen DX4) but ive had alot to do and couldn't devote much time to my flash work and wont be able to for the next couple of weeks but i will still be making DX and Shadow Wars, that i am sure of, so stay tuned.

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I never get tired of this, ok going through those 6 categories.

#1 So, blocky, i don't care about blocky figures cause they work. always. The 8 was mostly because late in the fight the ground should deteriorate and maybe their clothes get cut? might be tough but you can pull it off, your good

#2 it's a 10
#3 Sound was fine, 10, sometimes you don't have sound effects and add music to distract them, its cool

#4: 9 because eventually blood should be knocked out of their mouth when punched across the face or get bruised or bleed from their nose, you get what I'm saying

#5 You know why it's a three, few buttons, but who cares? it's a movie

#6 A 2 because of their expressions and when he flips goku of.


I really loke the serees and cant wait for the next one. If your flash skils continue to develope at this rate, It will quite posibly be my new favorite flash movie. I recomend it to all!

wow, that style really gets me

before i go on i gotta say i love this movie. Even though its not like the others on this site, traced.....lol no....im just serious lol, nah but really though this movie has a nice story and characters. Im glad you brought back gokuh. I think your animation was different and amazing at the same time. I like that music too, that really make this addictive. I have it on my desktop and watch it alot.
Now these are some nice tips i have for you n an offer. I think it would be cool to give gokuh his japanese voice. Get some clips from the movies and try and ask questions the japanese gokuh can answer from the sounds you get from the show. I also think you should have sounds for this cause that would really make this the shit. Another is make it a lil brighter with the ki effects. that gives a lot of feeling. Rock destruction and alot of wind movement. Keep you block style cause thats what makes me like this movie. last, only if you want and i no alot of people ask this on this site like their god and the can do better. I think people would overlook the block forms if you fill it with good ki effects and smoke. Im not the best animator but i can do smoke effects and lighting. i also have a good amount of sounds so gimme a ring if you like them. I cant wait for 6 and if you take my advise you can make it to the series thing. ight i said alot so thats about it. 10!!!!


nice movie, glad to see it get the daily 5th.
hope to see more.


although the art work wasnt all that, the animation kicked ass.

Great one.

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3.56 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2004
3:40 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place April 23, 2004