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Fun With Suicide #8

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Author Comments

Couldn't sleep, so I popped a cold one, set aside a couple hours, and whipped up this quickie.

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not reli gud

tis shud bee a gam tho


im gunna miss u i luv ur movies :`(

Great movie, if only it wasn’t true.

As have others, I have reached this page by the random entry button, upon seeing the author, I recalled a thread of the NG news explaining of your suicide in 04, making this flash no surprise. It is sad that you indeed not only toyed with suicide in your flash but also committed it in reality, the worst part being not every one who sees your work even know the death you have died. I don’t know why I’m writing this review, as it is not likely you will be seeing it but I feel I must leave a note. Your death has been hard on us all, of course a flash movie like this could have only contributed to that awful day.

Now, in utter confusion, I will speak of your movie. It had good drawings and animation, the sound was well synched, the topic obvious. I just don’t know what more can I say without looking any more a fool than now, but I must speak my mind. If it were any other author to submit this, I’d think of it a funny in the parody sense. But seeing as this is not such case, I cannot bare to see how you thought of life, a game. Nothing more. Sad, yet understandable. Also I would like to state a thought that crossed my head while writing this, if this account were to be hacked and a reply to this review given, I will have a heart attack.

The brief, sadly it will stay this way to the end of days.

Graphics: 8, Well drawn and animated, if only you could let go of the suicidal topics, even back then.

Style: 7, If it wasn’t for your grim fate, I’d find this to be a funny movie, but knowing otherwise, I cannot.

Sound: 7, once more, a song of the same topic, yet the song recommends not to commit such an act.

Violence: 8, as you knew better than any one, there a good share of violence here. The suicide of the jumper plummeting to his known death, as did you.

Interactivity: 5, a play button. Everything a movie needs.

Humor: 1, This was meant to be humorous, and it would be, if we hadn’t know that the animation you made in your head happened in real life ( death that is, not poorly sky diving )

Overall: 7, For what it’s worth, a good movie, even now, 2 years after. Rest in peace.

Personally I didn't like it.

Brought it up with the "random flash" feature. Didn't like it much. Thought maybe it should be "Mature" instead of "Teen". What was the mountain at the end for again? Did he fall on the mountain?

probably alright

im sorry i didnt get to watch the whole movie, the freaking thing where it says, "shoot the paparazzi" kept fucking clicking. it still is. arrrrghh! i cant stand it bye.

Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2004
7:11 AM EDT