Transformers: Mutiny

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Transformers: Hour of War is Here!
Shockwave has the idea that he is the rightful leader of the Decepticons, but Megatron has other plans.
Meanwhile, Prime and Ironhide are recovering.
Sequel to Transformers: Gladiator Prime


Excellent!!! I want more

Hey if the author reads this can u please contact me at one of my emails. I'd really like to ask about getting the image stills of all the Characters featured in your Transformers animations. They are excellent!!!! I'm a big Transformers fan

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Great job

One thing though. Next time make Shockwaves light bulb eye blink everytime he talks (like the cartoon). He is more funny that way.

Shockwave is my favorite TF.


hey man AutobotGeneral here from seibertron. nice work man, very nice.

Hypothesis: Genius

I love you! No seriously. I could cry when I saw you submitted again! I was afraid you wouldn't anymore because your first movie was just so underwatched and under-apreciated. :) I am going to give these movies a 10 everyday I remember bud! You seriously need to get into the Transformer section and soon. It is lame except for a few gems and needs to be updated with your stuff! You're the reason I can no longer say there aren't enough quality Transformer flash on NG anymore you deserve it man! You're not afraid to add voice to your flash when others would probably just put in bland word bubbles. Again your impression are awesome and you got Shockwaves voice down pat! THANKS for giving the guy some balls like he has in the comics which you no doubt have read! In the cartoon he is as loyal as Soundwave and it's irritating as hell. All he got was one line in the movie 'Laserbeak returns, Mighty Megatron!' or something like that. Then he disapeared into Gen 1 obscurity. Umm can you do me a favor? If you ever feel the need to put in Skyfire can you make him the one eyed Jetfire instead? I'm not sure why he doesn't look like his awesome toy counterpart. I think it was legal issues but still he looks so much better like that. O yeah thanks for putting up a profile. I appreciate it. I would love to help you on these man. That's how much I like them. So if you have any problems impersonating characters, Wheeljack, Jazz, Tracks, Swoop, Sludge, Rumble, Ravage, Warpath, Powerglide, Spike, Sparkplug ....Kremzeek (Ha HA!) I would love to give it a shot! Of course you would have to tell me how you got that mechanical sound to the Transformers voice however. ^-^ And don't be afraid to add more humor in this. Sometimes it comes out naturally and I notice the sarcastic tone to this sometimes and it cracks me up. Especially Prime. THANK YOU for making my day! You're just going to get better and that scares me... So until all are one keep these up!

powermasterprime responds:

wow...thanks alot!

A solid "7" for an original Transformers Flash

Excellent, painstakingly drawn artwork. I can tell it probably took you a long time to draw so much detail in each and every one of the TFs, both Autobot & Decepticon. I especially liked the simple animations which went straight to the point; Not too fancy, but not lazily done either. However, the best aspect IMO, is the voice acting. You did a great job providing all of the voices, right down to how each of the TFs sounded back then. Of course, I'm nitpicking because I truly have a 'pet peeve' whenever someone tries to voice act a certain character (like Optimus Prime). Some people can do it, others fail miserably. YOU can definitely do the voice acting. I seriously thought that you had more than one voice actor for all of the characters. WELL DONE on the VA work.

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3.74 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2004
5:16 PM EDT
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