Transformers: Mutiny

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Transformers: Hour of War is Here!
Shockwave has the idea that he is the rightful leader of the Decepticons, but Megatron has other plans.
Meanwhile, Prime and Ironhide are recovering.
Sequel to Transformers: Gladiator Prime


It was awesome!

Transformer fan I am still. But I love this movie!(unlike that ass who posted two posts ago)

at least I still like transformers

unlike that bottom feeding twice-bastard (bastard son of a bastard), I still am a big fan of the transformers, and the only real beef I had was with shockwave in general, don't get me wrong I'm the hugest shockwave fan out there, it's just that his voice was kinda iffy (not "evil british dude"-ish enough...) and he would NEVER allow himself to lose to megatron, in the UK and US comics he kicked megatrons ass and paraded him around the decepticon base before taking over, and in the manga he crushed megatron's head with his bare hands. other than that I loved it and I cannot wait to see hour of war. I wish that asshat fulp would update the TF section and also recomend you go to seibertron dot com, since it is also a transformers site you should visit and probably post that on!

'till all are one, brotha!

Sry but this sucked.

I am was a fan of transformers and now i know why i am no longer one just seeing this was bad enough.

powermasterprime responds:

I thank you for your awesome constructive criticism, rapier wit and I applaud and envy your mastery of the english language.


You've done it again, you truely are a good Transformer scipt writer, I must watch the 3rd one imediatly.

This was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved this movie!!!!!!!!!!! My fave part was when Megatron shot Shockwave after coming out of his C.R. chamber. Please, get Transformers: Hour of War out soon.

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3.74 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2004
5:16 PM EDT
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