Math Class

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My math teacher would always made rude remarks about my constant doodling in my notes. Blech, I hated her. This is basically what was going on in my mind, as she continued to go on and on about Trig/Pre-Calc.

I created this animated short in late 2003. It's up on my DA account, and hosted on my website... but I've never displayed it here. Just didnt think it would fit in. X3 Either way, I hope ya'll in enjoy it. It was fun to make. ^_^


Math is crazy

That's the sort of thing that happens to me in math class-- I get distracted in my mind and I start to make up stories or thing about writing projects, or put myself into movies I like ("Do you expect me to talk, Goldfinger?" "No, Mr. Walson, I expect you to die!").

Anyway, amusing little cartoon. As usual, high framerate and good effects. Nice.

lol lol lol *breathes hard* lolol

it was so funny i banged my head on the table and didnt feel it!

Hurray for Joanime

This reminds me of school. I mean other than the fact that my teachers dont talk to me and I cant dance. You also picked a good song for it. I hope you make more movies or better yet your own game. Whatever you do im sure itll be as good as your previous ones.

Kewlest thin' evah!

I don't see why people are confused by this flashy thing, it's just Joanime daydreaming...it was neat, interestingly done. I liked how it all started out as a doodle and just sorta sprang (or shall I say danced?) to life and started...well dancing... I've had a daydream like this once except it was in English and it was me tying the teacher to the chair gagging her with a rag and duck taping her mouth shut and then taking over the school...that's it! I'm going back to therapy! Anyway you get my 10!

That's some dream you had

That was very creative. the dancing part was funny even though the portions didn't look right, but funny none the less. and yeah, i hate math class too. good job.

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Apr 20, 2004
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