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Brunch Of The Dead Ep.1

rated 3.44 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Original

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Apr 20, 2004 | 4:31 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place April 21, 2004

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Author Comments

2007 commentary: This is my ambitious 5-part series called BRUNCH of the DEAD. It went to be awarded a daily award for every episode, which I'm very happy about. Episode 3 received 2nd place and lost to a cartoon about boobies (which I was mad at first, but then I realized that nothing can beat boobies). The series premise was to follow an ex-hitman who arrives into a ghost town where he discovers quickly that there's something wrong, DEAD wrong! ... no wait, that didn't make any sense. Well, that's exactly what the spirit of the series is. It's packed with physical humor, visual, pop culture, and some zombie killing action. I was still getting better at animating, but I never got to a certain dream plateau I was always shooting for. I admired so many other great animators on this website and I always wished I could get to be as good as them. So, this is an ambitious series for a regular animator. Enjoy... and you will see that this will be.... the most terrifying brunch of the day!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


that was awsome...accept the chick at the bar sounded like a guy....accually she sounded just like the main char.!

but other then that it was awsome.

oh and its cool of you to answer your reviews like that..knox used to but he stopped after the dvd thing.

Riotcomix-2006 responds:

Thanks, glad ya liked it. The chick at the bar is supposed to sound like a man, hense the name "Girlman" (referring to the loading screen where a list of the cast is shown). I wouldn't know, or remember, who Knox is, but that's cool that he replied to every review also.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Caca munga *chuckle*

You definitely have the director's eye for camera angles my friend, very nice work.

Your plotline fits my twisted sense of humor nicely as well.

A+ work, going to watch Ep.2 now and looking forward to the rest. Kudos.

Riotcomix-2006 responds:

Awesome, thank you very much for complimenting my camera angles. I would do much more elaborate ones, but they would be in 3D Brian De Palma like (if you've ever seen any of his films, I've only seen Scarface). I have another neat camera trick in Episode 3. Glad my humor matches yours also, heh. Caca munga. See ya at Episode 3, and hopefully you'll drop off a review for Episode 2.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Pretty nice

Not the greatest use of Flash but nice, Your sound bothers me sometimes though, sometimes there is none, and it just sounds awkward. other than that pretty good.

Riotcomix-2006 responds:

I did have to cut some sound out because of file size problems, but thanks for saying it's pretty nice and good. Hopefully you'll check out Episode 2 and give Brunch of the Dead another chance.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Jesus de Christo!

Wow, normally things like shoddy art and crappy sounds fill me with vengeful rage, but not this time. The quality of the art and acting is perfect for this! I absolutely love your character drawings. I am assuming that you wrote the story (there may or may not have been credits and in either case I didn't read them), it's freakin' great. I love the conversation with the bartender and Mr. Milson. Tone and cadence are perfect for this. Really truly, the style blows me away. Keep your touch!

Riotcomix-2006 responds:

I'm more than happy and thrilled to hear that you really enjoyed Episode 1. That's psychological fuel for me recieved through words.
Not to crazy about you finding the art to be shoddy and have crappy sounds, but the point that you liked how I used the art and sounds.
I'm glad you like my character drawings, and yes I did write the story. For my cartoons, I usually just create seperate jokes and deliver them all to the audience with a menu, but not without sometype of action sequence (Refering to my last three cartoons "UFO Stop", "Bus Stop", and "Outsane"). Brunch of the Dead is different because it's my first solid attempt to adapt my story ideas written on paper and into an animated movie.
Whoops, I commented long, ah well. I said what I wanted to say. Thank you once again for commenting!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

B-ratedy goodness

Although you can't get all that much out of it. This was okay, but the next one has to be better.

Riotcomix-2006 responds:

Episode 1 is my traditional joke delivery like my past three big cartoons (UFO Stop, Bus Stop, and especially Outsane). Episode 2 centers more on the incoming of zombies. Thanks for the 7/10 :)