Kim Jung IL Dance

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OK well first off u need to know who this guy is, is name is Kim Jung Il, the dictator of north korea and one evil dude. The theory is that all the evil crap he does is just to get attention, so i gave it to him. Hope you like it!

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i'am a socialist

although it was trementously funny

Funny stuff...

Having spent four years in the Army as a Korean linguist, it cracks me up how often Kim Jong Il gets referenced now on Newgrounds. This was for school? I would have injected some info about Jong Il or North Korea to make the absurd stuff look even more absurd, but good job anyway. Now submit a better version to the Portal that you won't have to censor for school: make him hump a missle or breakdance with a bunch of plutonium atoms as flygirls, some goofy shit like that - do a Google search on North Korea and you can pull a bunch of useful pics (military equipment, propaganda parades, etc.)


kim jung can party with me any time!

pretty funny

this was actually pretty funny.

Kim Jong Il = modern day Hitler. So true!

Or Jung (I guess both spellings are right). His society forces abortions for one thing, and the opposers' babies, if born, get killed by being stomped or squeezed at the neck. 10 for style.

North Korea is the real threat.

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Apr 19, 2004
9:08 PM EDT
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