ludas animans Ep. 3

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Before you watch it, MAKE SURE THE QUALITY IS SET TO LOW. If it isn't put it on low, the blur effects will look really crappy if the movie is set on medium or high.

I began working on Ep. 3 right after Ep. 2 and it didn't take me that long to finish it seems. Scene 2 is probably the one that took me the longest to animate since I had so much going on that scene, like the life bars, the numbers, plus going and trying to find suitable special effects for that scene. I don't remember how many games I played through to find the special effects I wanted. The town environments took a bit to make since the town and the shop were both made using tiles from RPG Maker. I had finished the outside portion of the town during the making of Episode 2 (which was where it was originally supposed to be used), and the shop I made during the making of this one. The final scene took me a while to finish because I couldn't find any suitable backgrounds to what I had envisioned in my mind for this particular "dungeon" so I think I spent around five hours playing through a bunch of games trying to find what I was looking for. The main things I wanted in it were a computer console and a container of some type in a lab setting. The game closest to what I wanted was in Spider-Man for the Super Nintendo, though it kind of changed what I had originally planned for that place since the lab I envisioned looked nothing like the Spider-Man one.

Geez, I'm rambling. I guess that's what I do when I'm practically minutes away from falling asleep. I think I worked on the finishing touches for about 8 hours....whew, I'm beat.

WARNING: This episode contains no action!! So if you're the type that only likes action, then you'll most likely be disappointed. That's about all I have to say. Hope you like the movie.

Movie Stats:

Approximately 13 minutes 13 seconds
20 Frames a second
12607 total frames [UPDATE: 12810]
Frame Size 611 x 362
25 Sounds
Made with Swish 2.0


very cool.

Even I actualy seen ep 4 and 5 befor i realied I missed this one. Even tho their was no fighting the story telling was good. you said you made this in swift ?? does it make it easy or maybe even quicker then making sprite movies in flash? Also ur lucky you rip ur own stuff. You can create any movie you can imagine. i should invest in ripping.

KNanakase responds:

9/15/06 11:24am

I used Swish 2.0 for all the episodes before episode 6.4; for episode 6.4 I moved up to Swish Max. I used Swish first for making my movies because it was the only flash program I found way back then. I got Flash MX a lot later (around when I was working on episode 6.1), and I tried it, but I couldn't do anything on that program. It was complicating for me to do the simplest things, so I just stuck with Swish.

About the ripping, yeah, I do it all myself (excluding the sprite sheets I use for a few characters). If you're gonna do that, good luck and prepare for a lot of work ahead of you.

great series

i've been looking foward for the third episode to come. you've done a great job with this.

Yes very nice

One of the best sprite movies ever! Not trying to be funny made me get into it. The music was part of it also. Makes me think of making a sprite flash also! :)

Good stuff

Good work! Time to watch Ep4...


what game are the sprites and background from?

KNanakase responds:

It says in the credits, but if you want to get more technical...

Lou - Three Wonders
Chris - Battletoads & Double Dragon
Serika - Queen of Heart '99
Whelk Jr. - Final Fantasy VI
Leafer - Final Fantasy VI
Shop Owners - Legend of Mana
People at the Bar - Rockman EXE
Ikumi - Queen of Heart 2001(Party's Breaker)
Girl in Container - Xenogears

Forest - Warriors of Fate
Plains - Knights of the Round
Battle BGs - RPG Maker 2k
Town & Town Shop - RPG Maker 2k (though the tiles I used to make these BG are from Suikoden)
Bar - Final Fight
Dark Lab - Alien vs Predator
Light Lab - Spider-Man

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Apr 19, 2004
5:50 PM EDT
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