Project: Prime Evil 1

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Project: Prime Evil 2 news here http://www.newgrounds.com /ngmag/alphas/alpha/2166

Controls: Mouse to fire.
1 & 2 switches guns.
"f" for the flashlight (when u find it)
To move you can click on the red arrows or press the arrow keys in that direction.

Very Important Note: Look at every thing, explore each room,
and dont give up. Enjoy!


Help me!

I'm stuck at the puzzle code part. where to find the solution!?

a bit boring

this game was too boring.
it was easy but I couldn't be bothered to finish it.
the gun shoots everytime you click on an item and the ghosts look dumb.
make a dedective game or something.

where's the sequel

this game is good all i have to say is when you be done with the sequel????????

Great job!

I am a big fan of resident evil. This game was long and very good. Multiple times I thought I was gonna die or have ended the game. I thought there was gonna be a big final boss. Actualy it was a cutscene. There were only two kinds of enemies, the ghouls, and the zombies. There was that one monster that took forever to kill. I ended the game with 3 medkits, lots of bullets for both guns, and 15% health left.Took awhile to get through, but good game. Next time you should add color, make a way to shoot and explore, and mabye make a walkthrough so people don't have trouble while playing the game. Otherwise I say you have done a very fine job my friend. Also make a reload system. Great game hope you continue this series

heeeeeeelp me

im stuck at the clock and you send me a message on how to do it

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CainDesigns responds:

Project Prime evil 2 is in the NG alphas.

To find the gear to the grandfather clock you must go all the way back to the first room in the game (the one with the fire place ) there you can take the gear from the clock thats above the fire place. Thanks for the review.

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3.75 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2004
4:55 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click
  • Review Crew Pick April 21, 2004