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Project: Prime Evil 1

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Project: Prime Evil 2 news here http://www.newgrounds.com /ngmag/alphas/alpha/2166

Controls: Mouse to fire.
1 & 2 switches guns.
"f" for the flashlight (when u find it)
To move you can click on the red arrows or press the arrow keys in that direction.

Very Important Note: Look at every thing, explore each room,
and dont give up. Enjoy!

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Help me!

I'm stuck at the puzzle code part. where to find the solution!?

a bit boring

this game was too boring.
it was easy but I couldn't be bothered to finish it.
the gun shoots everytime you click on an item and the ghosts look dumb.
make a dedective game or something.

where's the sequel

this game is good all i have to say is when you be done with the sequel????????

Great job!

I am a big fan of resident evil. This game was long and very good. Multiple times I thought I was gonna die or have ended the game. I thought there was gonna be a big final boss. Actualy it was a cutscene. There were only two kinds of enemies, the ghouls, and the zombies. There was that one monster that took forever to kill. I ended the game with 3 medkits, lots of bullets for both guns, and 15% health left.Took awhile to get through, but good game. Next time you should add color, make a way to shoot and explore, and mabye make a walkthrough so people don't have trouble while playing the game. Otherwise I say you have done a very fine job my friend. Also make a reload system. Great game hope you continue this series