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Gun Down the Gungan

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This is a little game that we threw together, because "Star Wars Confessions" is taking us a little longer to do than expected."

"If you're having a hard time shooting the back ones, there is a bigger version on our site.(Newgrounds has a max of 600x600 on the Flash size.)



I FUCKING HATE JAR JAR! Thank-you for allowing me to shoot the shittles out of him. and I got a jedi master ranking. how good is that?


Thank you! Someone finally makes an anti-Jar Jar flash! LOL And the things he says are hillarious!

Great if you hate Jar Jar.

That was great. Jar Jar sucks ass, he ruined Star Wars. Okay, all you fagbags can disagree, but I HATE Jar Jar! I grew up with Star Wars, and Episode I was ruined because of Jar Jar and fart jokes. I love Star Wars, but I will never forgive george Lucas for the "Gungan Catastrophe". Anyway, if you hate Jar Jar, I highly recommend this game.

meh, its....OK, i guess.....

i personally think Jarjar is da shit. now if it were shooting Suddam, then id like it more

F*****G FUNNY!!

All i got to say is WTF!! i got rug burns all over me from rolling on my ass on the fllor. that was funny as shit and thats going in my favorites column. the things he said like "if youza donta likes meeza, then youza can kissza meeza ass!!'' and "youza SUCK!'' THAT HAD ME DEAD. but that was great. MAKE MORE STUFF LIKE THIS

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3.17 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2001
12:15 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person
  • Daily Feature April 26, 2001