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Channel Surfing Part 1

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Channel Surfing A collection of short animations by over a dozen different animators from the flash kit and smosh message boards. Each clip is no longer than 15 seconds long and contains no real purpose or plot to give the feeling of surfing channels on your television. Watch past the credits for more fun.

-Matthew Coady

Secret Clips
#1 - After the main feature has ended, wait at the main menu and watch the window. A cloud will float by. Click the cloud.

#2 - At the scene selection screen right click on the screen and choose play.

#3 - At the scene selection screen choose either clip, "paint" or phonebook". Then click on the picture of the phone book instead of the play button.


Kickass movie!

Great idea for a movie! the animations were funny and short and really random. i loved it!

Really really amazing

I cant even think of something to say, that was really cool, this is the best score I have given in a long time.

Keep submitting things.

This is amazing

You should be very proud of yourself. This is something in the total opposite direction of all the other mainstream movies. You came here to provide alternative ideas, and I appreciate your work. Weldone.

That was really cool.

That was very interesting, and very original. I liked it alot. You should do more of these, I think they would do well. And it showcases alot of artist that people might not know about. Good job.

Interesting idea

First off, you gave us a choice of downloading it or viewing it online, and then of viewing modem or broadband versions. So you get points for that right off. Then at the end, we get the remote, our prize for sitting through the whole movie. The individual flicks came from many sources, so I am only judging you on the execution of the channel surfing idea, and you did it well.

Pooon responds:

Well thank you very much. I guess the presentation was my way of saying thanks to everyone who helped out.

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Credits & Info

4.05 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2004
9:06 PM EDT
Comedy - Original