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Lost At Sea

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"Oh, the poor pirates, lost at sea,
they lost their most valuable treasure: their sanity!"

Hey, everyone! This idea was originally for Time Trial IX, but, due to other obligations, I was unable to start working on it until this weekend.

Hope you enjoy! I respond to all reviews, so please leave one.

If you don't understand the story, read below...
*** Front page! Thanks a lot, guys!

It means a lot! Too cool! ***

Basically, these guys have been at sea for a few months, and they're all getting cabin fever, so when one of them sees a group of seals, he mistakes them for mermaids, and everyone else begins to see them, too.

Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming response... I really appreciate it.

Wakka wakka. :)

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Pretty well animated, especially for '04
clean, smooth.
the voice acting had room for improvement.
it was just as well you had subtitles.

heh, good for a quick laugh

that part with the seal was hilarious. though i was expecting something slighty more disturbing, but im glad my expectations were not what it was


Very nice. xD
I give that a thumbs up.
Might want to work on it a bit more tho.
Other then that. Its funny xD


That was funny. Now what I expected. But i was trying to get
something like the little mermaid ariel, or fantasy dragons and mermaids
kind of thing. but then that is because im a chick. and not a dude
with two heads.
I like your drawings, the cartoon "pig" of a man is funny. i liked
the last part. the music kept you upbeat. i liked it.
But there want too much to say. I wish you added more words to
the story.

A good time had by all! But the captain......

This is diffintely oringinal! Seem's like a day in school for me, but never or less, good stuff!