Welsh Rare Bit

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I dont like this movie



nice movie.

i liked this!

this rocked.....but some system of a down music would have gone good with it...other than the sound it was awsome!

Your first!!??

Okay, this should be the standard for n00bs to release their first flash...

This one is far from perfect, but it certainly has its merits. The graphics are very decent, only the caracters animations look a little strange from time to time.

The music sets the right atmosphere, but the soundeffects are a little silly, and the textbaloons don't look to good in here, and should by preference be replaced by voices.

But I certainly liked the story and atmosphere, good job, and keep on going!

good one man!

i liked you'r art work and animation, sure iy was not pefect, but i think you will continue to grow if you put efort into it.
Keep making flashes man, they are good!

Flecky responds:

Thanks :D

How the world changes


Over all it was nice, but, Kazakhstan is now a lush valley instead of a desert, Village People Mustaches are now in, and the american solider acts like he never left a beach community (who fires rounds at a military base, and not people, all by the year 2025. Aside from stretching my reasonable suspension of disbelief... it was ok.

Flecky responds:

Yeah!!! I noticed... Maybe I should've renamed it "Russia" or "Georgia". I admit the desert should've been present. My bad.

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3.42 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2004
4:59 PM EDT
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