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Best 1 yet, piconjo <3 j00

Baron_Von_Bad_Guy sez: "This took seven years of my life, this is my heart and sould people, my heart and soul!"

tom flup says, "wtf oh teh no, dont watch this!!!!!!11!1!"

livecorpse says, "roflmdao"

Subscribe 2 Patreonjo!!!1!!!11!!!!


Supp0rt, Ben3fit, Pwn!

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I like the game part, but what hapened to #'s 13 and 15? overall a great collection of movies and such things.

The best piconjo jam ever

Spot on. I don't normally like the jams but this time I laughed myself off my chair XD


i loved the first one "NOW WHERES MY WAFFLE SUNDAY!?" i love PICONJO!!!


Anything that has to do with Piconjo is the greatest. It's sad that I will never be as good as anyone of you.

This review is for PM fucking beast edition

ok, i was just looking through my reviews, and i saw this one, i thought, maybe i should give it another chance, so i clicked on it, after two, episodes, i stoped watching, im sorry, this sorrta flash is aquired taste humor, and i really dont think its funny, not well thought out, very badly animated, and well, boring, *(for me)
ps, dont call me a noob, looking through your reviews, i saw every one who didnt like it, was called a noob. maybe your a nerd,? think about it!

but at least you do flash, i just bitch about them

PS, i didnt watch this one, but i voted 5