EgoCity Chap I

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Updated again: I finally had the time to reply some of your reviews. Part two is now around 6 mins long & will be coming out around early May.

Updated: Wow I can't believe I got 3rd place. Thanx for all who supported me. I feel like talking in some freak'n Oscar lol.

Like always, I suck on the voices but this is the first part of my mind-exploding thing but before I do that, I've to do that boring main idea part.



I wasn't at all that impressed with the opening especially the bad picture of earth and the matrix background sound effect, but seeing the characters look good, original, I reconsidered.
I like the overall presentation, the things that annoys me is the city backdrop, the sea and the launching noise from space pinball or whatever-u-call-it. Other than that it's okay.

The voice acting wasn't that bad actually only a few of them such as when you yell out something out.

Very cool, now I'm excited.

Now I want to see chapter 2, damn you :-P

Very cool graphics and art style, reminds me of a Sega game for some reason. I agree, the voice acting isn't the best but at least it isn't terrible or non-existant. Make more, and soon! :-D

It's okay but

It goes a little too fast, not enough time to fully grasp what the hell's going on, who the characters are, the bad guys, the good guys, etc. Some of the voice acting was good, except for when they were supposed to be higher-pitched, almost as if you(or whomever was doing the voice) was afraid to be heard.

Nice stuff!

Really good stuff you got going on =P I like the characters =P


Good job on ur movie. It was fresh and cool but i have to agree that the voices really suck. The story was kinda confusing to me but at least it had a story. And ofcourse the visuals were impressing like everybody else said.

But i have to correct u on ur author's comments. U dont publish flash movies here just let them be reviewed by other flash artists. They dont give u an objective opinion. Someone with no flash knowhow cares less about the technical aspect and judges ur flash on the entertainment value. That is something way more important than a comment like: Wow nice visuals, loved the blurs and 3d radar effects etc. Although i made flash movies i just wanted to point this out for u

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4.09 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2004
2:49 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place April 18, 2004