Sonic & Knuckles!!!!!!!!!

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Hey this is a cute little sonic movie I made. And it really doesnt have a plot. Im just kinda experimenting with it. sprites. ultimate flash sonic inspired blam and so did hentai and porn and gay bubba


Nice Try...

but you got a little ways to go before it becomes perfection. This particular piece shows promise but, like you said, there's no plot. As for the title while loading it's Sonic & Knuckles not Sonic & knuckles (grammer correction, nothing big). Then the actual characters, if you want it to be good then they should be "running" instead of walking fast though in some instances you had the walking done perfectly.
Assuming this is one of your earlier works and knowing that you were experiementing, I'd give it a 10 but placing it as a "completed" work I gave it a 7.
Good job, look forward to viewing future works from you.

That was ok man

Should of added some sound effects to it though, I know this was an experiment, but still, still cool, I liked it. You can check out my cartoon and review it if you want, its called Chinchilla XZ


Okey in know that this was just a test, but why did you chose that song?! The visuals wheren't that good, but with a little work I think you will improve.

I'll try to help you.

Well I like that it is Sonic first off (Sonic fan :D). And I like that you made backgrounds and several different scenes and such. Anyhoo..you need better sound and one or two sprites for different things. I think...hey yeah a good idea: when Sonic is headbutting knuckles use a sprite of when after sonic gets catipulted from a spring in the games. That'd look better then him standing in the air as he flew to Knuckles ya know? I don't know offhand where to get that sprite though. And um...well that's more or less it I guess...the sound was bad though... You need some jumping noises and a hitting noise too. Now don't get me wrong I never made a flash so uh don't take it like I know all too well what I'm talking about. I'm just trying to help out ^_^

It was good

It was pretty good, I really didn'y understand it, The music and scenery was the best part. Keep it up though.

azrag responds:

Well thanks. I really havent done to many sprite movies. at least with sonic it requires alot of differnt sprites but I will try to improve on my next sonic movie.

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Apr 17, 2004
2:33 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody