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i've always wanted to add DVD features to one of my toons, and sense Adam Android Strikes Back was my most popular toon, i figured i would give it a go. sure do love that Pillows music!



hey fire starter is an epasodie of Furi Curi ya no so im giving this a c+ just cause on the pillows

i think i've seen this somewhere...

good stuff, seriously good stuff. it looks like a spinoff of the powerpuff girls. the only problem is tht it looks like something off of the powerpuff girls. in other words, inspiration is great stuff but this feels like a rip. a good one but a rip nonetheless.

awsome but.....

well your "DVD" is... wel it needs more, but speaking of DVD'S evry time i watch this, i have to watch my FLCL dvd's i got in japan, well im off to watch the medicalmecanica meyhem...


I truly loved the style. It was a bit on the Powerpuff/Dexter's lab sort of, but you got your own style in there. The animation was great. It wasn't one hundred percent perfect all the time, but it was still very very very worthy!

I was a bit frightened at the beggining because I thought it would be a sort of Powerpuff Girls rip-off or something like that. But I was wrong! This was very original, and some parts were incredible. Again, there were some parts that didn't look as good as others, but that is me being too picky.

The sound was quite good, but in the sound section is where I have the most problem in your animation, if it weren't for this, you probably would've gotten a ten. I believe it was missing some sound effects here and there to make this get a perfect tne. As soon as the music started, I wouldn't hear anymore sound effects! Plus, I loved the soundtrack, I love the Pillows, so I would have no complaints there, the only problem I have (but I don't know if this is just my computer...) is that the songs seem a bit "non-synchronized". Well sometimes they appear at strange times, or sometimes the music just stops in the middle of a chorus or something, and that sounds weird. Something I really loved is when it's playing "Crazy Sunshine" and the sun comes up at about the time that the song says "crazy sunshine". XD That was very nice.

Anyhow, in general, this was great, it was perfect length and everything. I'd love to see more. XD

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this was ******* awesome!!!

I had to review this beacuse it was soooo good. I especially like the ending music(it's from FLCL!!!). The graphics among many other things were G-R-E-A-T!!!!!I hope the other one(s) will be just as good.

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Apr 16, 2004
5:36 PM EDT
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