More random than ever!

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I made this music like a gorrilla opens cans of beans, with my hands, and teeth on the chords from heaven.
Telephone telephone ring.
this is at 1.6-1.7 what do you think it deserves, i dont need your votes i need your feedback. I love you more than your mother ever will.


Not horribly bad, but not all that good.

I thought this movie was cute. I liked the randomness and the must fit well. The problem was it wasn't anything special, didn't do anything new. It just felt like a practice movie from the artist. The animations were good and the scenes were pretty cool. With time I'm sure this artist will do much better things.

I just can't make myself recommend this

Put a lot of work into it, now make it look better please and try again.

I dunno

I kinda liked it. I was gonna give it a lower rating than 3/5, but after watching it twice, the work he put into it actually made me life it more :P


yeah......... Very unique. I hope you didnt spend a long time on it because the artistic value of this flash suxed. And the bunny thing was funny but again the drawings of the bunnies ruined it and the blood towards the end was too "PLOW" you should of made it less descrete by lightening it with a new background or a lesser amount of color. it was actually pruty good, ur good at the producing of ideas from a completly other idea to create an abstract swirl of Shades with the abrupt interference of bright colors. Good idea, try it again and fix it up for a version two.


This is what you would start see after half a dozen shots... or shome shroms... X-P

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2.19 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2004
2:42 PM EDT
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