Mario Badgers Remake

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Update* Updated some stuff, still crappy, but it fille a request. Try to enjoy. This is a loop after all


Not half bad

I don't care what the 'badger fanatics' think, this is a funny paraody...and that's what it is...A PARODY. It's not there to rival the original Badger tune, and like the AYB and Wassssssap jokes it'll not be the last parody of the badgers we'll see I'm sure

I found it very funny, good work

Skybert responds:

thank you, finaly one that realise this is not a stolen idea or movie! :D


Its good. Next time make marios Tanooki suit look like a Badger Suit by editing it. Still the movie's good ok.

Skybert responds:

ill edit your request right away


that was good. i remember watching the badger one. this one doesn't have as good as graphics as the other badger, but its still good. i didn't watch the whole thing because i thought it was going to repeat all over again. am i right?

Skybert responds:

yea, look at the filesize, it will show you

Yeay Racoon suits!

Thats cute, though I prefered when luigi was the 'snake', hehehehe.

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Pretty good

That bit when marios in the tanooki suit he is supposed to be a raccoon i think... but either way its improved and the last guy doesnt know what hes talking about. the musics syncing alot nicer now, and altho its pants for originality i hope it stays... you dont find many mario parodies worth watching these days... this ones good keep it up

Skybert responds:

thank you man!

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4.16 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2004
11:46 AM EDT
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