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Mario Badgers Remake

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Update* Updated some stuff, still crappy, but it fille a request. Try to enjoy. This is a loop after all



oooook i watched the proper thing on weebls stuff i appreciate the mario thing you put in but its not a sort of thing you would watch for too long

Skybert responds:



It was okay. The quality wasn't good though. When the loop came it...sort of skipped. I don't know if you get what I mean. Also the timing for the "badgers" part was a little off at some points. I was a good idea though. Not bad. I gave you a 3 btw.

Skybert responds:

ok, i dont event it, so it doesnt get out of synch, so it does a little skip, thats a flash bug

not bad..

not a bad idea, but the real things better, good job tho

Skybert responds:

jah, this is crap u kno

Avelon this wasn't stolen you moron.

This wasn't stolen. Whoever thinks it is is a complete moron. I never really liked the badger movies to begin with, so I didn't enjoy this, sorry.

Skybert responds:

yea, i understand

Getting Old

Ive seen probly 4 remakes of this thing. The song Never gets old, I especially like the "MUSHROOM MUSHROOM", but the movie does. Come on guys.

Skybert responds:

yea i come on some time ;)

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4.16 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2004
11:46 AM EDT
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