Calvin Carcass #1

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First of 3 episodes.



Dude that was fuckin complicanted for a movie but still that was pretty cool. but i really though it was going to be using calvin for "calvin and hobbes" but still that movie was pretty good. MAKE MORE MAKE MORE!!!!!!!!

Nice done

Not my stile, but I enjoyed it nontheless :)
I did not experience any issues with speed or music (I guess Oval had issues with speed which lead to the rest)...

I also cannot see how you'll continue with this on partII, but for what I've seen so far, you'll surprise me :)

Keep it going :)

I'm agreeing with the guy before me

I do not know why this is getting a low score as it is. I'll go a step further than great animation. You showed that you gave a lot of thought into this. You let your imagination go on this. Uncommon for NG. Although, I don't know how you can do a sequel off this, but it seems that you know what you're doing.

A couple nitpicky things (and I want to emphasize the word "nitpicky"). I had to set the quality on medium so that it would run at normal speed (or seemingly normal speed). Also (and probably due to the first issue), the music felt like it ended a little early. I have to say felt because you did have a final music track for the final scene, so I'm referring to the gap in between songs. It also felt like the gap was needed as it helped the transition, so I'm talking about 5-10 seconds of a gap starting too early. Once again, possibly due to the slowdown.

Overall, a 9. A 5 on the vote.


i dont know why this is getting a low vote! its has great art and animation. anyways, goodjob dude, keep it up!

Good, cool animation but very predictable.

Style and animation are A+ quality but it is somewhat predictable once he's in the boat. Other than that cool.

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3.81 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2004
5:28 AM EDT
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