Naked With Apes: Day 6

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Part 6 - Area 51 and Las Vegas


watching these one by one in anticipation :)

i highly agree with aerisama on his review of this flash series (go read it lazy bums!)

I personally have been coming to Newgrounds for the past two years (or more...loose track..hehe) and this will become an orginal series. Yes, the animation and graphics are crude, but its the storyline that keeps me coming back and is not for the lowly user... This flash series is comedy, parody, twists, orginality, and some sort of message all roled into one. Its not for the feeble minded (a.k.a. typical stick figure user)!

I am curious to see how far this series will go, and what other twists and turns you will throw into this! Keep up the good work!

tight u should see all naked with apes episodes!!!

sweet, tight, bombay, the shits, the big dick, excellent yes naked with apes is all that and a bag of chips


good stuff, good stuff


Why does the Robot bleed??

Rhete responds:

Haven't you seen eva? You poor deprived soul... Eva Unit-3 knows whats up.

whoa, that was bad

I've seen cereal boxes with better stories, and the animation looks like that shit my little nephew did and then stuck to my fridge.
It is really sad that people make crap, than try to pass it off as high brow. "Oh, you just don't get it." Go fuck yourself. It's crap.
If you want random stupidity that may still make you laugh, go see Freddie Got Fingered. This is really just a waste of time.

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Apr 23, 2001
11:41 AM EDT
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