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Robo's Review Commentary

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Author Comments

Robo (from Chrono Trigger) has a new feature... he can now comment on reviews! He's programmed to praise the fans and own the asshats! I got this idea after watching Turd Clock's "SBC Review Commentary" series.

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plz put my review on youre movie

i iz death noob i kill myself hahahahahahahaha owned completely in mah face and if u fellow viewer are reading this well i got owned hahahahahahahahahahha got ya oh wait OH GAWD ZOMBIEZ HALP MEZ AHHHHHHH MY PUPPY IS EATING MAH BRAINS OR LORD HALP ME AUJD TY K CFYT TFCCYFVUYHK CIDOUYHGUYVHU LYFL
this was not to be a thing for persanols just a joke lol ALL URE BASE ARE BELONG TO EDDSWORLD ROFL


I love the videos were peopel comment on their viewers reviews because good or bad, there's almost always something to laugh at.

Using Robo was perfect, and punching Shin made my day even though I wasn't a member long enough to read anything he wrote. WHat I HAVE heard about him makes me want to E-mail him a Virus.
Thanks for posting this.


First of all...well, I hate pretty much everything. It's sort of what I do. So I actually rated this pretty high...for me.

It was pretty funny, hearing the robovoiced responses to people's reviews. It would have been funnier with some context as to what they were reviews to, however. My biggest problem with it was just that it was so damn SMALL. Did you actually shrink the sprites to make it that tiny? Seriously, it's not me. Nothing else I've watched recently had size issues like that.

Still, other than that, funny...you know, except for the hard-as-hell-to-read white text?

ROFL Shin got owned by a punch in the ballz!

it was a cool movie and i liked how you pwned the guys with the bad reviews ESPECIALLY... Shin getting beaten by a robot in one shot when he fired a fire you=awesome

not bad

so are you gonna let robo comment on the reviews for you?

Vinstigator responds:

Yes. Robo says "Thank you for the review game-master, Vince appreciates it"