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** Note: My old site 'maelstormm.com' is gone. New one is 'legacymaelstormm.com'.
Please read the comments below. Sorry about the 8bit-ish graphics, but they are the only ones appropriate given this games sheer size. Lastly, if you run into a problem with the keys, speed, music, graphics, stages, etc, USE the information link in the game!

Note: Recently (2008) I've found why the games speed runs inconsistently. Sadly, this ones to far gone to fix it. There will be a Remix version of this one out sometime far in the future to fix all that stuff and improve on the game engine like I have done in Megaman Next Remix. Also my normal website has gone from being maelstormm.com to legacymaelstormm.com and is being rebuilt slowly.

<<Default Controls (Use customize to change)>>
Arrow Keys = Move, D = Attack, S = Jump, A = Dash, E = Special, ENTER = Crusher, BACKSPACE = Pause.
- The game is best played with a gamepad or joystick. See the details at this link for easy steps to do so:
- You may need to set this to low-quality to help speed it up, or high-quality to slow it down.

<< Notes >>
- Despite the title, this is NOT a Megaman game in the traditional sense. It plays the way I like it (fast and furious with auto-jump/dash) rather than Capcom's style. Please don't expect a game engine like Capcom's because that was NOT my goal for this.
- This is a full length game (actually 4 of them). If you don't practice or aren't good with platform games you will be killed.
- If this version runs slow for you, there is a stripped down low-quality version on my site. If it runs to fast for you, try opening a few programs in the background to take away some resources.
- MMXN is a sidestory to my comic "Rick's Adventure : Legends" and is not part of the Capcom universe.
- The intro stage link on the title will take you to the intro level.
- The demo link will take you to a practice room to get familiar with the characters and controls.
- A metric ton of information is presented in the 'Instructions' and 'Info' section on the title screen. As well as links to the ability list and strategy guides.
- Since this is a real game, don't expect the bosses to roll over and die for you. They WILL try to kill you to the best of their ability. This a game for those who are good at fast & aggressive platform games.
- This fella has 6 unique playable characters, 28 Abilities, 4 Different Storylines, 4 Different Difficulty settings, 21 Little baddies, 8 Maverick Bosses, 4 Final Bosses, and 4 Story bosses, 13 Normal Stages, and 5 Bonus Stages all crammed into 4200k. So the sound/picture quality had to take a bump down to make it fit. That's also why it's not done in 32bit graphics/sound because of space restrictions.
- To prevent people on lower systems from cheesing through the game and getting credit since it runs slow as a snail, only WinXP, Win2000, and Mac9+ can get credit for beating the game. Others systems can play through the entire thing, it just won't give you the cheat codes for beating it. My apologies to all this affects, but it's in the name of fairness.

- Wade / MaelstormM


Awesome game!

I used to play this game back in 2005 when I was in 5th grade. This game was very awesome and it took me a while to beat. The game ran a bit slow but I used to play it on a Windows 98 computer so I can't really complain. Anyway, great job making this game!

maelstormm responds:

Thanks. Hope MMNR gives you some fun too.


The actual gameplay was good, with a few glitches here and there, I didn't like how the select a character page was just for story and a few advantages/disadvantages on the levels. If you had a character that ran very fast, you could make it a bit more like a sonic game for their levels... It would also help if the instructions were built into the game. Oh, and the map/select a level was a bit confusing.
7/10 because I don't like mega-man type games

maelstormm responds:

Noted for the remix version. The not liking mega-man not really review material, moreso opinion >.> I mean why play something you're not gonna like.

fucking stupid

bad as shit bad bad

People find this review helpful!
maelstormm responds:

Ahh, another one of these stupid cliche negativity reviews without the review and yet with a confusing score. Maybe the whole 'review' phrase should be changed to 'comments'.

At least it proves a entertaining read by doing a little creative rearranging and punctuation I can at least pick a few phrases to make it worth looking at.

"Bad! BAD! Stupid! Shit as bad" - For when your pet hamster eats laxatives on a nice shag carpet.
"Bad shit, Fuckyeah!" - To be yelled after an exciting trip to a Sesame Street Concert.
"Fuck yeah! Bad as shit!" - After eating some delicious ham and turkey cereal.
"Fuckyeah. Stupid as bad shit." - After reading this 'review' which was more of a 'comment' pretending to be a 'review' with the cliche 'AOL translated negativity' suggesting a poor game but somehow given a '9/10'.

I give this review a score of 6/10.
+1 point since at least the words were spelled right though use of the legendary 'Shift' key and those strange symbols on the keyboard like '.' or '!' are not present.
+1 point for keeping it short at least.
+3 points for a witty user name.
+5 points for giving a fun little mini game.
-3 points for not understanding how to score properly.
-1 point for not leaving a review in the review space.

You could have had +2 on the score if you had worked in the word Aardvark and it would have increased the letter 'a' count in your comment by 3.


I say this as an 12 year old MM fan, this is the best flash game ever! 10/10.

maelstormm responds:

Glad ye liked.


i love the title screen muisc termantor ftw!

maelstormm responds:


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3.84 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2004
2:06 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun
  • Daily 2nd Place April 14, 2004